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Nuix Enterprise Discovery

Powerful enterprise-level technology for large eDiscovery, compliance, and regulatory cases and information governance projects

Nuix Enterprise Discovery enables you to rapidly find critical evidence, people of interest and the documents upon which the case will turn.

Like the entire Nuix eDiscovery suite, Enterprise Discovery is a complete off-the-shelf solution for processing, investigation, analysis, review and production. It can be installed anywhere, including behind a company firewall and in the cloud.

Nuix Enterprise Discovery is quick to deploy and rapidly processes and analyzes data in a way that is forensically preserved and defensible. It is simple to use and its graphical displays show clearly who communicated what, to whom and when. It exports to all major review platforms including Nuix Integrated Review and kCura Relativity.

Nuix Enterprise Discovery directly indexes virtually all forms of unstructured information, in any language. It can process complex proprietary formats such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, webmail and forensic images. Nuix technology identifies and makes searchable the information other software routinely skips.

You can combine this processing power with other Nuix products and rigorous workflows to conduct information governance tasks such as defensible deletion, cleaning up fileshares, managing email risks, finding rogue contracts, investigating fraud, migrating data and remediating archives.


Speed and accuracy
Find evidence quickly and accurately with the world’s most advanced eDiscovery platform.

Quick to deploy, simple to use
Install the software, set up a case and process data quickly.

Secure access for remote reviewers
Provide secure remote access and graphical reports of data for staff, clients and reviewers. 

Powerful information governance capabilities
Leverage your investment in eDiscovery processing technology for proactive information governance activities.

Product Features
  • Processes text, metadata, images and binary data at more than 50GB per hour
  • Suitable for cases up to 7TB
  • Secure, web-based remote access for up to 15 simultaneous reviewers when used in conjunction with Nuix Management Server
  • Extracts data from hard drives, flash memory, smartphones, file shares, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and common forensic images
  • Delivers the processing power for information governance activities such as defensible deletion, cleaning up fileshares, managing email risks, finding rogue contracts, investigating fraud, migrating data and remediating archives
  • Exports into all major legal export formats and review platforms, including Nuix subcases, Nuix Integrated Review and deep integration with kCura Relativity
  • Powerful deduplication and near-duplicate management to simplify searching and minimize data sets
  • Intuitive email-like interface makes it easy to investigate, analyze and review content
  • Interactive graphical displays enable reviewers to drill down to the most pertinent information quickly
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