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Nuix 4

Nuix 4 gives you more!

Nuix 4 builds on the powerful Nuix processing engine to deliver:

  • A growing range of practical and effective information governance workflows
  • Improvements to ease of use for investigation, eDiscovery and information governance
  • Web-enabled remote access and robust role-based security for external users.
This latest release of Nuix software includes new features you asked for in face-to-face and webinar feedback sessions, support requests, Nuix Boot Camps and beta testing. It incorporates real-world use cases from our customers and partners.


More access
Secure remote access for reviewers, investigators, clients and subject matter experts

More information governance use cases
Workflows for defensible deletion, cleaning up file shares, managing email risks, finding rogue contracts, investigating fraud, migrating data and remediating archives

More processing power
Enterprise and Pod versions for the largest data sets

More eDiscovery capabilities
Solutions across the EDRM, from legal hold to more flexible production

More intelligent investigation
Review and correlate data simultaneously from multiple sources, mobile devices and forensic images

More security
Role-based security to protect sensitive data

More flexible search
Cluster documents in groups of near duplicates to make reviews faster and more contextual

More processing options
Triage vast volumes quickly with a light metadata scan, then add in-depth indexing on selected relevant items

More data formats
Process data stored in archives, consumer technologies and smartphone images

Product Features
  • Secure web-based remote access and role-based security gives external reviewers, clients and subject matter experts access to case data wherever they are
  • Nuix eDiscovery and Investigator products now include Enterprise versions and Pod integrated solutions capable of addressing the largest and most complex data sets
  • Nuix 4 extracts content directly from archive platforms EMC Centera, EMC EmailXtender and Symantec Enterprise Vault allowing you to locate, process and search data faster and more accurately than these systems’ built-in or associated search and discovery tools
  • The new version analyzes Skype, Google Chrome, and Evernote databases, Mac OS property lists, Microsoft Outlook for Mac OS, Apple Mail 2.0, Apple iWork documents and images of Apple iPhone and iPad devices. It also conducts deeper analysis of RIM BlackBerry data.

Upgrade to Nuix 4
If you're an existing customer, you can download our latest release via the Nuix Customer Portal.