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icon White paper: Intelligence, Collaboration and Analytics for Digital InvestigationsEfficient investigation must enable people to share intelligence, to collaborate across geographic and jurisdictional boundaries, and to find seemingly hidden connections across very large numbers of evidence sources. Read more
icon White paper: It's All About the DataBy cracking open the content of unstructured data, your organization can find the answers to complex and essential business questions. Read more
icon Technical Paper: Processing Forensic Images with Nuix InvestigatorThis paper will showcase the processing power of Nuix Investigator Workstation 5.2, powered by the Nuix Engine, and how it helps investigators deal with the growing data sets they encounter in digital investigations. Read more
icon White Paper: The Good Shepherd Model for Cybersecurity

This paper will examine how organizations can use information governance technologies to reduce the costs and extent of cybersecurity breaches by becoming “good shepherds” of their data.

Read more
icon Nuix and ADF Solutions Information PaperNuix’s Paul Slater and ADF Solutions’ Harry Parsonage discuss a forensic workflow that combines both companies' industry-leading technologies to solve many pressing challenges for digital forensic investigators in this information paper. Read more
icon White Paper: One Window Into the EvidenceThis paper will explain how investigators can use scripting and integration with third-party tools to analyse an entire case from within the Nuix Investigator interface. Read more
icon Info Paper: What is your knowledge worth?Data contains information, information can yield knowledge, and knowledge is valuable for organizations that need to make the right decisions quickly Read more
icon Info Paper: eDiscovery Workflow Automation in 6 Easy StepsThis paper provides a starting point for organizations seeking to take the first steps toward eDiscovery process automation. Read more
icon Info Paper: Email Archive MigrationIn this paper, learn how the journey is more important than the destination in your choice of migration technology. Read more
icon Info Paper: Better Archive SolutionsLearn how new data migration technology is now available that allows organizations to quickly index archives and make the unsearchable data searchable within days or weeks. Read more
icon White Paper: The Investigative Lab - A model for efficient collaborative investigationsIn this paper, we will discuss a model for setting up an investigative lab that allows digital forensic specialists, non-technical investigators and subject matter experts to collaborate on digital evidence. Read more
icon White Paper: Evolution of eDiscovery WorkflowLegal service providers are increasingly facing pressure to complete larger volumes of work faster leading to errors and rework. This paper will examine two case studies of legal service providers that completed workflow and automation projects which resulted in lower costs of eDiscovery, reduced risk of errors, shared work across teams and offices; and made the output more defensible. Read more
icon White Paper: 10 Techniques for Intelligent MigrationExplore 10 "intelligent migration" techniques drawn from Nuix's experience indexing, remediating and migrating more than a petabyte of uncompressed archived data for multiple clients over the last two years. Read more
icon White Paper: Content-based Forensic TriageDiscover an emerging approach to manage your digital investigations in the age of Big Data. Content-based forensic triage involves collecting all available data in a single storage location, then using a combination of data management, analytical and forensic techniques to understand the content and context of digital evidence. Read more
icon White Paper: Reducing the Costs of eDiscovery from Collection to CourtMany in the legal profession are looking to one technology—predictive coding—as the answer to the dilemma of eDiscovery costs spiraling out of control. By prioritizing or minimizing manual reviews, predictive coding can indeed take out a major component of discovery costs. However, predictive coding is only one of many ways organizations can make eDiscovery faster, cheaper and more strategic. Read more
icon White Paper: The Total Cost of Owning Unstructured Information This paper explains why unstructured information is different and proposes a new model for calculating it's total cost. Once we achieve this first step, we can then discover ways to reduce those costs and drive value. Read more
icon White Paper: Getting to the Core - Searching and Managing the Dark Data Trapped in ArchivesLearn how Nuix overcomes the limitations of archives and vendor discovery tools to enable efficient eDiscovery, investigations and management of archived data. Read more
icon Info Paper: Nuix's Patented Unstructured Data Indexing EngineThe Nuix engine, developed over many years of diligent research and investment, has unique parallel processing capabilities that are ideal for huge volumes of unstructured data. Using Nuix means you can index unstructured data faster and more reliably than with any other technology on the market. Read more
icon White Paper: Information Governance - Building Business Value From Dark DataThis paper discusses how using powerful new technologies and defensible processes, information managers can comprehensively search, understand and govern the vast volumes of unknown, unstructured data their organizations store. Read more
icon White Paper: Defensible Deletion - Quantifying the Benefits - Enterprise Strategy GroupThis paper discusses the results from the recent ESG industry survey on storage market trends, outlining the benefits of implementing an enterprise-wide defensible deletion program for proactive IT cost savings, and not just as a reactive response to regulatory or litigation-driven eDiscovery. Read more
icon White Paper: Building the Business Case for Defensible Deletion

Learn how deleting unneeded data allows organizations to reduce storage management costs, speed up discovery and investigations, switch off obsolete storage systems and tame the Big Data beast.

Read more
icon White Paper: eDiscovery Data Processing as a Critical Bottleneck in LitigationThe following white paper explains how using investigative review techniques can help control litigation costs and make the courts accessible to litigation practitioners. Read more
icon White Paper: The Bastardization of Early Case Assessment and the Emergence of Rapid Investigative ReviewThis white paper examines how Nuix's accelerated eDiscovery technology enables legal counsel to rapidly understand and review the electronic evidence in each matter rather than simply inspecting the data and generating figures about potential discovery problems. Read more
icon White Paper: How eDiscovery Technology Can Accelerate Information Governance for CorporationsWith risk management and operational efficiencies becoming strategic priorities for both private and public organizations, eDiscovery technology can play a critical role in accelerating your organization’s information governance approach and implementation. Read more
icon White Paper: A Step by Step Guide to Effective Early Case AssessmentThe following white paper explains ten practical steps which we believe can help any legal team provide the best ECA result. Read more
icon White Paper: The Truth About IndexingLearn why indexing your organization's entire electronic communications and data stores is the only way organizations can fully and efficiently manage and search their corporate data. Read more
icon White Paper: Conquering the Challenge of Searching Corporate DataRead how Nuix's advanced eDiscovery platform normalizes complex semi-structured and unstructured data sets to make them searchable for litigation, information management and information governance purposes. Read more

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