What is Information Governance?

Information Governance (IG), at its most basic, is about the management of a business’ information assets and how this supports the organisation’s goals and outcomes. This process also helps to identify any immediate or future risk and compliance issues which can then be addressed. Such processes are essential for any business to ensure it is working smoothly and that files are easily accessible when needed.

Nuix Luminate acts as a tool for information governance, ensuring unstructured data management for more streamlined file collection, migration and management.

Gain a Clear View to Search, Understand and Govern All Your Unstructured Data

Nuix Luminate is an information governance solution that provides powerful technology and defensible processes to light up dark data so you can make informed information governance decisions.

The Nuix Engine indexes unstructured data at massive scale and with unmatched speed. Nuix Luminate harnesses these capabilities to provide visibility into data stored in archives, email and collaboration systems, file shares, hard drives and other common repositories.


Access More Data Faster

Nuix can deeply index up to 100 million emails and documents per day even in complex storage systems such as email archives and EMC Centera storage.

Focus on the Biggest Problems

Our light metadata scan enables you to quickly triage tens of terabytes, thus targeting your efforts right away.

Deeply Analyze the Issues

Nuix delivers in-depth data analysis including entity extraction, fingerprinting, file true typing and access control list capture and review.

Make Your Business Case

Dashboards and reports you can use to pinpoint threats and opportunities, and gain internal support for action.


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