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Nuix Discover Infographic

The business case for moving
eDiscovery to the Cloud

The trend of eDiscovery cases growing in size and complexity isn’t slowing down or ending anytime soon. Using Nuix Discover SaaS, you’re armed with an incredibly fast, reliable and powerful eDiscovery review platform that’s built to handle anything you throw at it. Stop doing things the same way you always have. Learn more about how Nuix Discover is built for today and for the future of eDiscovery.


SaaS success checklist

Want to know if you are ready to move your eDiscovery business to the cloud?

Switching eDiscovery solutions is a big deal, especially if you have longstanding and deeply entrenched workflows built on legacy solutions. Still, the pace of change today is leading organizations around the world to adapt and reconsider their eDiscovery programs. If you’re considering moving to a cloud-based eDiscovery solution like Nuix Discover, download our checklist to ensure your efforts are a success for everyone involved.

  • Review and code documents,
    email, social media, and audio
    files quickly and accurately
    Fast Document Review
  • Analyze keywords, concepts,
    timelines, and social networks
    in a single interface
    Integrated Visual Analytics
  • Track case metrics, coding trends,
    and reviewer progress effortlessly
    Detailed Case Dashboards