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2019 Nuix User Exchange – Focus on Community and Growing Together

Hyatt Huntington Beach

It never fails to happen—every year around this time, nearly everyone on our Marketing team glances at the calendar and realizes just how close our annual User Exchange conference actually is! I know personally it feels like we just got back from Huntington Beach after last year’s amazing event, but here we are again only a couple months away from returning.

Time certainly flies.

Nobody’s been sitting idle, however; the team has been busy putting together the 2019 User Exchange agenda, working with the hotel and event staff, and ensuring that it’ll be the biggest and best User Exchange to date.

If you use any of our software or are interested in what we have to offer, there’s plenty of reasons to join us in September.

Focus on Community

There has been an internal debate inside Nuix for years about the name of this conference. Why “User Exchange?” We don’t mean it to exclude potential customers—there’s plenty to see and learn at the conference for them as well.

It’s the word exchange that’s so central to the spirit of the conference. Everyone learns from everyone else. It only takes a few minutes walking the halls and hearing conversations between our guests to understand what kind of community we’ve been lucky enough to build, and we’d like to continue forward with that connection in mind.

The 2019 Nuix User Exchange will center more on learning from each other, getting hands on the software, and networking than even in years past. We’ve listened carefully to the feedback we’ve gotten from past guests and are tying that into the experience without sacrificing what’s been so successful for several years.

Welcoming Ringtail Customers

At last year’s conference, we more formally announced our acquisition of Ringtail and what it meant for our direction as a company—investing even further to deliver a best in class solution to the eDiscovery community.

This will be the first User Exchange where we’ll be joined by Nuix Ringtail customers in person. We’re all excited to welcome and get to know them while also continuing Ringtail’s tradition of delivering excellent learning and development opportunities at their own, separate conferences in the past.

More Than Solutions

It might seem like a small change, but we’ve renamed the Solution Showcase this year to include everything that the experience entails. The Exploration Pavilion will be your hub for networking, engaging with our partner ecosystem, and seeing the software and solutions firsthand that interest you.

The Exploration Pavilion will be open during networking and meal breaks, which we’ve expanded to give you more time to have meaningful conversations with your peers, our partners, and our team of experts who will be your hosts in Huntington Beach.

2019 Nuix User Exchange Early Bird Discount

There are plenty of other reasons to attend, as well. Expanded lab sessions, training offerings bundled with the conference, and simply experiencing an amazing venue in Huntington Beach, California; all of these and more are what makes the Nuix User Exchange so successful and talked about.

September 15-17 might seem far away, but it’s not. Neither is the end of our early bird registration! If you’re planning on joining us in Huntington Beach, register before June 30 to save $100 off the $595 registration fee. With everything the 2019 Nuix User Exchange has to offer, it’s worth well more than that, and I can’t wait to greet each of you in Huntington Beach this September.