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Building a Community of Sharing and Support

Nuix Community

Every year, we hold several events around the world to bring our customers together under one roof. These conferences aren’t special because of the venue or planned activities. They really shine when the people who use our products day in, day out can share their knowledge and learn together. It’s those moments of discovery and “a-ha” moments that bring our customers back year after year.

Unfortunately, not everyone can take time away to share these experiences and connect with their peers on location. While we hope that professionals with similar interests and job descriptions are staying in touch after meeting in person, we also know that’s sometimes hard to maintain without help.

That’s all changing with what we view as a “grand re-opening” of the Nuix Community, an interactive home for collaboration, information sharing, and learning that you can access anytime or from anywhere.

I caught up with Matt Schneider, Manager of Product Experience and Creative Services, talk more about the Nuix Community and the excitement surrounding it at the company.

A Vehicle for Feedback and Collaboration

Matt’s team has been hard at work reimagining the Nuix Community into what he calls a “vehicle for feedback and collaboration.”

“We really want the Nuix Community to become an active, engaged ecosystem of Nuix users, partners, and team members,” he said. “It’s not just a one-dimensional experience for Community members. We encourage everyone to take part in the forum conversations, participate in our virtual whiteboard sessions, and even test out new ideas via online product prototypes to help us stay in touch with the features and functionality that actually matter to our customers.”

With direct access to a variety of assets, such as developer tool kits and latest product release information, the Nuix Community is off to a fast start. “Before we even announced the Community’s re-launch, we were already getting a steady stream of registrations,” Matt shared. “Since the announcement, we’ve really seen a positive response. I hope everyone who uses Nuix signs up and gets involved.”

Join the Community Today

Registration is open to everyone and is easy to complete. Visit, fill out the short form, and validate your email address.

While registering is simple, it’s only the first step. Once your account is active, be sure to dive in and share your expertise … and don’t be shy about asking questions. If you’re wondering how to get a workflow to do what you want it to, there’s a good chance someone else is having the same problem and would appreciate the help as well.

Our team will be right there with you. Who knows, you might suggest a new use for our software that we’ve never considered before. If that’s the case, we’re just as excited to hear about it as anyone else. See you in the Community!