Covering Your Cybersecurity Gaps at the Endpoint

“The name of the game is reducing the time it takes to detect an impending or ongoing attack, accelerating the response time, ultimately stopping incidents immediately.”

James Johnson, managing director, Cybersecurity Breakthrough, wrote that for the press release announcing that Nuix Adaptive Security had won the award for 2018 Incident Response Solution of the Year. He followed up the comment, stating “Nuix Adaptive Security hits these marks seamlessly, with many other critical benefits and features integrated into the platform.”

I got the chance during the Nuix User Exchange to talk a little bit about Nuix Adaptive Security with Rich Cummings, Endpoint Security Manager. “We’ve been working hard on Nuix Adaptive Security for over three years, so winning this award really highlights the quality of product we’ve produced,” he said, and he’s been on the team developing Nuix Adaptive Security since the beginning.

While the recognition for Nuix Adaptive Security might have been a bit overshadowed by the announcement of our Ringtail acquisition and excitement about building an end-to-end eDiscovery platform, the maturation of Nuix Adaptive Security is a key cog in the overall goal of delivering Total Data Intelligence and building a platform that doesn’t just deliver for eDiscovery, but rather on the promise of helping organizations “from the endpoint to the courtroom.” But what does it really mean in the early phases of that process?

Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards

Visibility, Adaptability, and Control

It’s probably common sense that organizations would, if they were given a choice, prefer to stop incidents as early as possible. These same organizations are also beset with a false sense of security, thinking that their established defenses are adequate to protect them from the threats they face.

That’s simply not the reality, proven time and time again. An in-depth defense against cybersecurity attacks requires attention to those areas of vulnerability and the ability to react quickly to incidents, which also means cutting through the signal noise of meaningless alerts and false positives. The truth of the matter is also that incidents will eventually turn into breaches; this requires endpoint tools to work for the incident responders, investigators, and litigation support teams who will help the organization navigate the aftermath of the incident.

It’s Nuix Adaptive Security’s ability to play that role that is causing so much excitement and, ultimately, garnering awards for Nuix. In the award announcement, Stuart Clarke, Head of Security & Intelligence Solutions, said “We have some of the best known endpoint security development and engineering staff who truly understand what our customers need and how to deliver it. As a result, we have delivered an endpoint detection and response product that gives customers the unparalleled visibility, adaptability, and control they’ve been missing.”

That knowledge and experience by the creators of Nuix Adaptive Security are showing through in the results, with more yet to come to make it an even more powerful tool for our customers. If you are looking for more visibility, adaptability, and control over your endpoints, contact us for a demo of Nuix Adaptive Security today, and discover why we can now call it an award-winning endpoint solution.

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Posted on October 12, 2018 by Corey Tomlinson