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Faces of Innovation and LegalWeek: What Will You Contribute?

Faces of Innovation

How are knowledge management leaders and legal technology reinventing law firms and the practice of law? That’s been a burning question for the company over the past year, one that we feel is crucial to our understanding of modern law firms and how they’ll continue to evolve.

As businesses redefine how they use internal and outside counsel, law firms worldwide are embracing innovation to stay competitive in the market. Law firms that don’t innovate and adapt to the times are doing themselves and their clients a disservice, to put it lightly.

For example, how are legal teams working together to ensure the best winning case strategy is defined by innovating how the early case assessment process pulls in the data you need faster – with more accuracy – and more completely than ever before?

Faces of Innovation

In a newly released report, Nuix and Ari Kaplan Advisors examined strategies for reimagining the delivery of legal services, the impact of technology on that shift, and how firms are embracing a fluid and growing information landscape.

According to Ari Kaplan, the report’s author, “eDiscovery requires a level of knowledge that you can’t just pick up anywhere.”

Of the knowledge managers surveyed, 82% indicated that a major first step is to take a holistic look at the data they have secured—for themselves and on behalf of their clients. It seems to be a simple step to take, but organizations across all industries often don’t understand the data they hold. Just recognizing this foundational step and instituting it across the firm is a key to the success of any knowledge-based program the firm may undertake.

Outcomes of Innovation

Building efficiency is the leading outcome that the survey’s respondents indicated as the goal of innovation. Through greater efficiency, they are capable of better servicing their clients and meeting their needs.

One survey respondent noted that “Innovation means finding improved ways to collaborate with clients and others at the firm, new services to offer, and new ways to operate the business.” It is telling that efficiency and innovation aren’t the ends themselves, even if you could argue that efficiency is a goal worthy of pursuing. The true value and reason to innovate, to create efficiency, is ultimately in the value and opportunities provided to the firm’s customers.

What’s Your Story?

Of course, tens of thousands of people around the world in law firms, corporations, and government entities are looking for ways to improve their business through innovation.  

Now you can share your story. As a follow-up to the Faces of Innovation report, we are collecting your thoughts, feelings, projects, successes, failures, and how your organization is moving forward to innovate and overcome the complex challenges it faces.

If you want to share your story—video or written—email us at We’ll send you a special PDF copy of the Faces of Innovation report and we’ll let you know when future reports are on their way!

LegalWeek Attendees Come See Us

Are you going to LegalWeek New York next week? Stop by booth #202 in Rhinelander Hall or email to schedule an in-person video interview onsite. Our team will be meeting with legal professionals throughout the conference to learn more about how they are innovating and pushing the legal industry forward.

As an added bonus, see how we are enhacing your ability to get the specific data you need pulled into your early case assessment process when you visit our booth, along with all of the other advantages Nuix can bring to your practice.