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Final Look Back On Legalweek 2019


For legal technology software companies, LegalWeek represents the Super Bowl of our marketing event calendar. We spend MANY months planning, preparing, and getting ready for the show—which runs just four days—and once we’re in New York there’s little time for changing the playbook.

This year’s event, which was much more exciting than the actual Super Bowl this year—in my opinion—was my first with Nuix. It also represented the first opportunity we had to showcase our integrated end-to-end eDiscovery platform, which includes the mighty Nuix Workstation and Ringtail, our newly acquired document review software.

While Nuix was busy with a variety of events—including hosting a Women in eDiscovery breakfast—I spent most of my time in the exhibit hall in the Hilton hotel. This was my 12th visit to the LegalWeek hall, and while the layout of booths and meeting rooms changes a bit from year to year, the core experience remains the same. I’m happy to say that based on this year’s show that the quality of the interactions and discussions in the booth continues to be a great reason for attending the show.

Most frequent question at our booth: "Where can I get a Ringtail lemur?"


I wasn’t sure what to expect from an attendance perspective. While hopeful, there are always rumors of dwindling registrations and a lack of interest in the show. But the last two years have seen an incredible uptick in the investments made in legal technology as well as some notable consolidation. This has created a more stable and capable group of companies competing for document review dollars and, in turn, has turned legal teams into more informed consumers. Many of these consumers are showing up at LegalWeek—at least they did to the Nuix booth!

Our team kept busy demoing our software from the minute the exhibit hall opened, often having to manage a queue to get someone in front of the right demo. It seemed to me we had a fairly even split of demos between Nuix Workstation and Ringtail.

Booth demos can be a challenge to do well and I applaud the team of talented Solution Consultants from Nuix who did more than 120 demos in three days. I asked longtime “Nuixer” Alex Chatzistamatis about his demos and interactions with customers and conference-goers. He replied “I had overall positive feedback from my customer interaction through private meetings/demos.They love what we’re doing and where we’re going. Several customers who hadn’t seen Ringtail in a few years were wowed by it.”

“We’re starting to see the tide really change,” he continued, “where companies see the value and ROI of bringing eDiscovery in-house. We have a lot of opportunity to solve many problems customers are facing as well as growing horizontally throughout an organization. Ringtail is one piece of that; our Legal Hold solution also brings legal hold, preservation, and additional automation into the mix. Finally, I had several conversations about the benefits of data lakes using Nuix. Organizations are recognizing the value and need for them, and I hope we continue to drive this initiative throughout 2019.”


Standard demos included the “what’s new” and “quick intro” conversations, but often we were asked very specific and nuanced questions. To keep the basic demos entertaining while also being able to dive into details across the eDiscovery workflow is hard, and I marveled at our team’s ability to provide crisp, articulate answers and quick, compelling examples in the demo data and corresponding interfaces.

These demos are also a great way to learn more about what legal teams are trying to solve—and struggle with—inside of everyday eDiscovery workflows. As is the case most years, teams are looking for predictable performance, ease of use, better analytics, and a more holistic approach to eDiscovery via data reuse and much broader views of institutional data and metrics. Happily, at Nuix we have great solutions for most of those challenges today and are working hard to further integrate our platform capabilities to solve the next-step problems of true “data intelligence.”


LegalWeek 2019 was in several ways the end of many projects for the Nuix team (remember we launched Nuix 7.8 and Ringtail 9.8 for the show!) but, more importantly it was a great kick-off to 2019. We left New York with strengthened relationships with our partners and clients, lots of great feedback and ideas for future versions of the software, a long list of follow-up meetings with legal teams that want to learn more about Nuix, and a renewed confidence in how capable and complete our eDiscovery platform is today.

If you want to learn more, drop us a line. You can also watch a webinar today and see why we believe that Nuix eDiscovery with Ringtail is the right solution for you.