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A Fireside Chat Twenty Years in the Making

Fireside Chat

This past July, Nuix Engineering Founder and Chief Scientist David Sitsky celebrated his 20th anniversary working with the company. Aside from the personal achievement, the occasion served as a reminder just how far Nuix has come from its humble beginnings and that the journey isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.

It’s in the spirt of looking back and gazing ahead that we’re doing something a little different next week, when Paul Keen, Nuix’s Global Head of Engineering, will sit down together—virtually—with David to host a Fireside Chat on Tuesday, November 10 at 2PM AEDT.

Inside the Brain Behind the Nuix Engine

Over two decades, David has helped shape the way forward for our software, all with the goal of making human-generated data searchable by probing it at the binary level. While that sounds technically intimidating, you will never meet someone with more humanity and humility than David.

As a precursor to the Fireside Chat, I had the opportunity to interview David for an episode of the Nuix Unscripted podcast a little after his anniversary, and we touched on some of the topics he’ll cover in more depth with Paul next week. As we closed the episode, David had to interject on behalf of the people he’s worked with over the years, saying “It’s always worth mentioning, of course it’s not just me, but it’s the...big engineering team at Nuix that’s providing all this great value.”

For a preview of next week’s discussion, I highly recommend checking out the podcast episode!

If you’re interested in the evolution of our software over twenty years or curious to see what’s in store for our customers in the future, register for the Fireside Chat. We’ve got some interesting twists planned for the session and will be welcoming questions from our audience for David and Paul. It promises to be a dynamic, engaging tour of Nuix past, present, and future.

I hope you’ll join us.