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Four Reasons to Use Nuix Quickstart

Quickstart blog feature

Nuix Quickstart is a joint solution developed by Nuix, Rampiva and George Jon in an effort that underscores the power of the Nuix partner ecosystem and the specialized strengths of each company.

This program builds on lessons the three teams have learned from existing clients to provide an accelerated, affordable and advanced data processing solution to new clients. Clients can access George Jon’s expertise to provide strategic planning, workflow design and excellent architecture without sacrificing the direct relationship with software providers. 

So, how do you know if the Nuix Quickstart program is right for you?

You Want to Get into Production Quickly

Onboarding new software and building a new team can take time, particularly if you haven’t delivered data processing services before. Delays cost you administrative time and force your department and clients to accept the old way of doing things for months after you’ve settled on a new direction.

And that’s assuming that you can get access to the necessary hardware quickly enough to do testing and training.

George Jon specializes in building these environments, knows what a successful deployment looks like and has experience supporting an advanced Nuix instance with Rampiva Automate. That means it takes weeks to go live, rather than months or years.

Focus your Team on Billable Activity

A lot can go into a successful eDiscovery department – including activities that some clients don’t like to pay for, like system administration, staging and scheduling jobs, and quality control. 

The Quickstart program helps minimize the burden of these tasks with Rampiva Automate, freeing up your team to focus on project management and case strategy activity that is billable and valuable to the client. In fact, you may find that there are more opportunities to provide these services because automation rewards good planning, allows for more nuanced search and culling, and encourages customization.

Start Small and Grow

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” but so does a walk around the block. Unfortunately, a lot of departments that are setting up data processing teams for the first time don’t know where they’ll end up. Even existing teams upgrading legacy software don’t know how that will impact demand for their services.

This can create upfront costs that may be unnecessary – or, at least, aren’t necessary for another 6, 12, or 18 months. The Quickstart program allows teams to start with small commitments – 10TB of case and review data – and grow from there. The monthly billing helps also.

Direct Relationship Between George Jon, Rampiva and Nuix

There are a lot of reasons to prefer a direct relationship with your software providers. George Jon helps with brainstorming, provides big picture visions and even includes your feedback in its technical roadmap. This support and engagement bridges the gap to make Nuix and Rampiva’s powerful software even more accessible and effective.

To learn more, check out this 25-minute episode of Nuix Unscripted, featuring Nuix SVP of Partner Programs Chris Pogue, George Jon COO Adam Chardukian, and myself!