Giving the World a Data Sunburn - Reflections on the 2018 User Exchange

The annual Nuix User Exchange is always been full of energy—thanks to our customers, partners, and the amazing team who put the event together. The 2018 event in Huntington Beach raised the bar even higher for many reasons.

It was inevitable that our acquisition of Ringtail just last week would dominate the conversation. Our new colleagues from Ringtail dove right in, hosting sessions to show off the software platform they have every right to be proud of. The energy was palpable when we connected via simulcast with the Ringtail Advantage Conference on Tuesday morning.

Changing Narrative

It was more than just Ringtail, though. Over several years we’ve been lucky enough to help organize and participate in the User Exchange, I’ve seen a subtle yet powerful shift in attitudes toward the subjects we hold dearest. It was reflected in the growing number of partners who presented at the User Exchange and showcased their offerings to attendees. It was an undercurrent throughout the event’s many educational sessions, networking events, and hallway conversations. And it was acknowledged by our keynote speakers and company leaders.

Danny Pidutti
Chief Product Officer Danny Pidutti discussing the company's roadmap at the 2018 User Exchange.

For many years, we’ve talked about how it’s not about eDiscovery, investigations, cybersecurity, or any single disciplines. They don’t sit apart from each other. Andy Nester, our Head of Marketing, said it best: “It’s all about the data. Always has been, always will be."

Lots of people understood and embraced this concept but in the past years, there was always a bit of skepticism toward this “data globalization” attitude. This year, everyone seemed more receptive to the idea that it really is all “just about the data.” As our Global CEO Rod Vawdrey and others reinforced, it’s about Nuix helping its customers achieve Total Data Intelligence, becoming the single solution to take data “from the endpoint to the courtroom.” Both our opening keynote speakers, former ambassador Jeff Bleich and former White House CIO Theresa Payton, explained that we live in an age when understanding what’s in our data is vital to a well-functioning society. Jeff Bleich put it colorfully: “Sunshine is the best disinfectant, and at the moment society needs us to give it a sunburn.”

Giving Our Customers a Choice

Our acquisition of Ringtail and our partnership with Vertical Discovery to offer a legal hold solution answered those who claimed we were “abandoning’ eDiscovery. It’s understandable—many eDiscovery companies have lost focus and run off to chase new use cases and capabilities.

It’s clear now that we’re not getting distracted. Instead, we’re committed to doing something that few companies have accomplished in the industry—providing end-to-end coverage for the entire eDiscovery workflow. It’s summed up best by our CEO – Americas, Ethan Treese, who said “The sky is the limit for what Nuix and Ringtail can accomplish together, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

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Posted on September 19, 2018 by Josh Mehlman, Corey Tomlinson