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Global Collections Made Easy

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We often talk about the mountains (or lakes) of data organizations produce, how information flows in and out, and the challenges associated with data volume, regulation, litigation, and risk management. Those challenges are constantly evolving thanks to the shifting nature of a remote, flexible workforce using increasingly advanced technology and services.

Specifically, organizations face the need to collect data from devices for a variety of reasons—investigations, litigation, and security all come to mind.

Real-life Examples

The reality is that companies need to forensically collect, search, and target all types of disparate information at any time from any location or device. Here are a few examples of how companies using Nuix have risen to the occasion.

Global Energy Company

A global energy company decided to sell a national division of its operations to a competitor. This sale included divesting assets that included dozens of terabytes of data. When reviewing its information governance policies, the company realized it needed a scalable solution to analyze the data and separate it out appropriately, and it had little time in which to complete the effort. 

The company brought in Nuix to focus on achieving two critical goals: Identify and transfer intellectual property (IP) and delete information it could defensibly retire. In addition, it needed to flag and process employee endpoint devices for the same reasons.

The company created and enacted a process where it collected and indexed all the information. Luckily, the company completed this project before the infrastructure handover date as determined by regulators, enabling it to walk away with confidence in the project’s results.

European Mining Company

A European mining company with outposts around the world struggled to capture and curate all evidence needed for internal and external crime investigations. In addition, national privacy requirements like GDPR that required quick turnaround responses to requests for PII overwhelmed its records departments. 

Fortunately, Nuix was able to provide one solution for both its investigators to successfully lead examinations and its compliance departments to respond to data subject access requests and other targeted PII searches. The key component was Nuix’s ability to help check for PII and IP on endpoints globally, then target, collect, and integrate needed information into its central investigative repository.

National Transmission Company

A national transmission company had an urgent litigation need to collect discoverable information from 1,500 endpoints and up to 5 TB of organizational data for a rapidly approaching matter. Once collected, it needed to perform early case assessment, send discoverable information to its own external counsel as well as the opposition, then develop a case strategy before the deadline.

Using Nuix, the company identified information required from the remote devices quickly and efficiently and then seamlessly integrated the information together into a case for the analysis and production responsibilities without ever leaving the Nuix platform or dealing with onerous IT technical support tasks.

Regional Healthcare Company

A regional healthcare company in the western United States couldn’t keep up with growing data being generated by employees on their devices. So worried about the chain of custody being broken and trying to keep up with demand, the company was spending thousands of dollars outsourcing the most basic data gathering and initial review of information it required for internal investigations and potential litigation.

Without growing its internal infrastructure or costs, Nuix provided an endpoint collections solution that enabled proper chain of custody while streamlining the targeted collections process and enabling the customer to bring early case assessment and related investigations processing and analysis in-house. The customer realized its return on investment so quickly that it pushed for an extended contract to ensure its newly found defensible processes would continue uninterrupted for years to come.

How to be Successful

These customer use cases are just the tip of the iceberg; thousands of customers around the world have achieved similar positive results.

Nuix software forensically allowed these companies to connect, research, target, and collect anything, anytime, anywhere. Learn more about how you can take back control of your widely circulated and remotely located data using Nuix collection technology.