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Identify, Manage, and Monitor: The 3 Stages of Always On GDPR

Always on GDPR

The European Union General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) is the most intimidating and comprehensive data legislation that many security and data governance professionals have ever faced. The financial implications of non-compliance are significant, not to mention the risks of damaged reputation and weakened competitive position.

If you have not yet done so, you need to assess and likely change the way you manage personal data internally to prevent mishandling or misuse. We recommend taking an ‘always on’ approach to your GDPR compliance. Here’s how.

Visibility to Act

At Nuix, this ‘always on’ approach to information governance runs through an automated, forensically sterile system that continually assesses, interprets, and acts on human-generated information. The approach to arm you with the ‘Visibility to Act’ is taken through three main stages.

Always On GDPR
Find the visibility to act on GDPR


Knowing what and where your data is, in order to identify the sets most relevant to GDPR policies, is critical. Nuix technology can do this efficiently by deploying valid and associated criteria to locate the data most likely to be in scope. Using pattern recognition and other classification techniques, you can map data to specific endpoints, giving you the ability to rapidly respond to data breaches, subject access requests, and ‘right to be forgotten’ requests in line with GDPR.

Information Management

Once you have located the data, you can group it based on many factors, including risk urgency, availability, and size. Fundamentally, an ‘always on’ approach to GDPR requires two sets of processes: One for consumer-led enquiries, and one for data breaches. Once you define these processes, you can draw up and test a detailed plan of action for each scenario before you actually need it. It never hurts to be prepared ahead of time.


Adopting an ‘always on’ approach means making consumer-led service requests continuous, improving customer relations as well as controlling compliance costs. You can't do this without monitoring your data for changes or misuse. Staying on top of how your data is being used it provides you with an enhanced ability to detect data breaches and respond to them effectively.

Adopting a Connected Approach

Nuix already works with the organizations the public trusts most, including professionals in healthcare, finance, defense, and law enforcement. They appreciate how a connected approach unlocks their resources and helps them work smarter. GDPR stipulates that you need to do the same.

‘Always on’ GDPR ultimately means improved data hygiene. In this way, consumer-led requests become standard practice, driving customer satisfaction and ensuring you are compliant with GDPR and any number of other data privacy regulations. As a bonus, your organization will have a stronger ability to detect and contain data breaches, as well as responding within the required 72-hour time frame post-detection.

To learn more about how Nuix can arm you with the visibility to act, download our Always On GDPR eBook.