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Nuix and Ringtail: Ready To Rock At Legaltech

new york city

Every year around this time, there’s a palpable sense of excitement in our industry, as what our CTO Stephen Stewart refers to as “the Super Bowl of legal services and eDiscovery”—namely, LegalTech (part of LegalWeek)—quickly approaches.

That energy is amplified at Nuix this year, the first LegalTech we’ll be at in conjunction with Ringtail. It seemed only fitting, then, to bring together key figures from both sides, the aforementioned Stephen Stewart and Emily Tice, VP of Customer Experience, to talk about the conference and what guests can expect when they visit our booth (#1015 in the 3rd floor exhibitor hall) or schedule a demo with us.


Users of Ringtail who were used to the continuous development and updates to the software might have wondered if the acquisition by Nuix would change that regular schedule of new features and enhancements.

“I was concerned,” Emily admitted. “Would we miss a beat; would things slow down with having to get together? But the monthly release cycle for the SaaS clients continued, we really got aggressive about that, and everything that was moving with Ringtail just kept moving and even accelerated.”

That development cycle has included several new features moving from “demo” status to production enhancements since mid-September. Many of these features are covered in the webinar that Emily and Stephen recorded on September 13 (see below).


One of those features referenced in the September webinar that’s new to Ringtail is an expanded set of data models.

These include, according to Emily, “the ability to track things other than your evidence, other than your documents that you collect from somebody … tracking chain of custody, the case facts and build out a trial management or chronology or cast of characters. That capability is something that people are asking for and excited to see in Ringtail.”

new york city

We're looking forward to seeing everyone in New York Jan. 29-31. Photo by: Jörg Schubert


Speed and accuracy are the name of the game in eDiscovery, one of the reasons continued collaboration and integration between Nuix and Ringtail is so exciting for our customers and partners.

“We’ve been able to work together to optimize the ingestion process and turbo boost the Ringtail ingestions process as it relates to processing,” Stephen said. “We’ve taken jobs that were taking 16-24 hours down to 2 or 3, just by collaborating and optimizing our workflows. We’ll continue to push that hard.”


Nuix and Ringtail will be on display during LegalTech New York, January 29-31, at booth #1015. Stop by to check out both products and talk to our product and industry experts, set up a private demo or meeting to discuss your needs, and definitely check out some of the fun activities we’ve got planned for the conference.

If you want to schedule a meeting in New York ahead of time, reach out through our online contact form. We’re looking forward to another educational, positive, and hopefully not-too-snowy time at LegalTech again this year, and hope you’ll stop by to see what’s new with Nuix and Ringtail in 2019.