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Nuix Government Summit Continues to Deliver in Third Year


The best gauge for any event is the feedback you receive from your guests. By that metric, the third Nuix Government Summit (formerly Nuix USG Thought Leadership Summit) was a rousing success.

The event, held at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C.—a venue that one Nuix team member described as “GORGEOUS”—brought together nearly 100 staff and leaders from numerous government agencies. Attendees were treated to a collection of guest speakers and presentations by Nuix team members, cutting across thought leadership topics and practical uses of eDiscovery, digital forensics, and endpoint solutions.

“It was simply great for our customers to be there and hear the latest about Nuix,” said Dan Dorchinsky, Head of Nuix U.S. Government. “Each year, the event grows, and we’re happy to have our customers and other government staff come on the journey with us.”

Ten Dimensions, Two Presentations

Nuix CTO Stephen Stewart is a common sight at these events, for good reason. He’s as close to anybody to the software and how it’s used to gain intelligence from data, in all its formats.

“Nuix supports thousands of data types across 10 dimensions of data—all of these things can be fed into the same system,” he said, citing a popular categorization of data types and sources. “Data without knowledge is not that valuable.”

Following Stewart’s presentation, former Deputy Director for the CIA Counterterrorist Center and FBI National Security Branch, Phil Mudd, offered some insight into investigations conducted at the federal level.

"The best analysts ask the best questions of data because in our world [the CIA], the goal was chasing people,” he said, before citing another example. "We [the FBI] started with questions we couldn't answer and ended with questions that we failed to ask.”

During his presentation, Mudd asked to have the 10 dimensions slide put back up on the screen. "We didn't ask the right questions of the data [when gathering info on a suicide bombing],” he said. “We didn't have the capabilities that you have."

Asking questions of data, a central theme to every application of Nuix software, was also a central theme in his presentation. "The biggest lesson I learned through my career, is that the best experts don’t know everything … the best experts ask the right questions to everything."

Nuix leaders and Summit keynote
(l-r) Head of Nuix U.S. Government Dan Dorchinsky, keynote Phil Mudd, Nuix Group CEO Rod Vawdrey, CEO - Americas Ethan Treese

The Panama Papers

Three years after the fact, we were lucky to have some of the principals involved in the Panama Papers investigation join live and via teleconference to share their perspectives on the impact of the leak and subsequent journalistic activity.

One of the principal journalists, Suddeutsche Zeitung’s Frederik Obermaier, joined from Germany and recounted the very beginnings of the investigation.

“It was a moment that changed my life; an electronic message that my colleague received,” he said

Will Fitzgibbon, an investigative journalist with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, built on that sentiment, referring to the group effort powered by Nuix software. “Something that has stayed with me; building up the journalist arsenal of what to look for in these documents … and breaking down the bulls&@#”. 

Proving that the story remains culturally relevant, writer and director of the 2018 documentary The Panama Papers, shared some of the response to the film. “We’ve been really satisfied with the response [from viewers].  [The film] really shows the implications of the story – which seeps into the public consciousness.”

Up Next

After a busy few months of Nuix-hosted events, we’re looking ahead to perhaps our biggest gathering of the year and hoping to build on the momentum and positive feedback we’ve received thus far. The Nuix User Exchange is coming up September 15-17, once again being held in Huntington Beach, CA.

If you attended the Nuix Government Summit and got a taste of what’s happening with our software, the Nuix User Exchange is an excellent chance to dive in deeper and explore Nuix’s capabilities alongside fellow users, Nuix experts, and industry leaders.

Visit to learn more about the event, including special pricing for government attendees.