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Nuix Workstation Upgrades Just Got Easier

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Updating software is always a hassle; who has time to take all the steps to ensure you’re doing it right? With enterprise solutions, the challenge is even greater. Working in different environments (development, test, live), ensuring business continuity, and managing change with your internal customers are all important considerations.

To help you along, we’ve made some real strides when it comes to upgrading the famed Nuix Workstation. As of the Nuix 8.2 version of Nuix Workstation, you’re no longer required to migrate cases along with ‘point release’ upgrades.

That is to say, when you go from 8.2 to anything before 9.0 (8.4 which is currently available, while 8.6 and possibly 8.8 are forthcoming) you don't have to take the time to migrate each case, saving considerable time and money.

Ensuring Cross-case Compatibility

According to Mike Jackson, Nuix Senior Solutions Consultant, "Slowing the case migration cadence is a huge benefit for our customers that have long, complex, and expensive software testing cycles. Cross-case compatibility is a real boon for our community."

Supporting this, he shared the story of a long time Nuix customer in the pharmaceutical industry that was estimating each upgrade, costing upwards of $150,000 and taking 6-9 months to complete! Another customer with hundreds of Nuix Workstation cases was looking at nearly a year of case migration—time  it could avoid within a major release cycle—thus allowing the customer to take advantage of all the powerful new features. The customer needed to hire a project manager, ‘rent’ the hardware from its own IT department, and have the legal teams testing the new version and features.

Updated Software, New Features, Less Hoops

Features such as Promote to Nuix Discover, where select case data can be pushed directly up into the Nuix Discover cloud for review and analytics, are part of the reason to stay current with new Nuix releases.

While we were talking about the customer experiences he's seen, Mike said "Previously while upgrading there was a possibility, albeit very small, of case corruption for each point release between the older case version and the current version. With the new major version compatibility feature, this has all but been eliminated."

Mike is the curator of our Nuix Solutions Consultant Enablement Suite and recently performed an upgrade where our team got to experience not migrating cases. It got our Solutions Consultants back working within our testing cases and upskilling themselves with the new features almost immediately, with only a few minutes of downtime, showcasing just how vital these improvements can be for our customers as well.

Dealing with Being Remote

One of the great benefits Nuix provides its customers during this difficult time—a time when we’re working remotely more than ever—is the ability to use Nuix Investigate (formerly Web Review & Analytics) and Nuix Discover SaaS from anywhere in the world via their web-based interfaces.

Now those customers looking to take advantage of new features in Nuix Workstation sooner can do this without upgrading Nuix Investigate. Features like improved mobile phone and social media processing, OCR improvements, and named entity profiles are easy to experience as Nuix Workstation upgrades happen behind the scenes quickly and without all of the cost.

You can read more about these enhancements, ask questions, and provide advice and insight for fellow Nuix users on the Nuix Community. I'd like to invite you to check out the Community if you haven’t already done so and take part in the discussion.

We’ll see you there!