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Realize Consistency and Efficiency with Nuix Orchestration

Alex Chatzistamatis

When it comes to processing data there are a few things that are universal, regardless of the use-case or workflow. Nobody likes to stare at a progress bar, manage work across one or more systems, or memorize various settings. All this repetition inevitably leads to users going crazy! More important than that, the defensibility of the work is at stake when things take too long or are too complex.

Approaches and Drawbacks

One way some people solve this problem is using a playbook. This is a good option, but these playbooks can get long and extensive. How does someone verify if each step was followed? What happens when something is missed? This could cost thousands of man hours, involving substantial re-work, legal risk, and staff retention.

Another way to solve this problem is using a custom application that is built on APIs. Like a playbook, this too is a good option, but comes with drawbacks. Does the total cost of the solution make sense? Will there be expertise to keep it updated? Thousands of lines of code are written to minimize user error and provide automation. After some time, the initial developers will move on, which then make updates nonexistent. Before you know it, the custom application impractical.

At Nuix, we’re committed to helping our customers find truth in their data, whether it’s human data, machine data, data lakes, cloud data, mobile devices, or desktops/laptops. Using the all-new Nuix Orchestration, dealing with data is easier than ever before. Nuix Orchestration is a web-based, multi-user solution that offers friction-free collaboration.

The Power of Automation with Nuix Orchestration

Three ways Nuix Orchestration can help solve traditional data processing problems include:

  • Maximizing throughput. Queue jobs on one or across multiple servers and allow them to run unsupervised, even during off hours. No one needs to wait around and kick off the next part of the workflow; instead, the workflow is automated, even continuing if non-fatal errors occur. This increases utilization of your resources and speeds up your business.
  • Minimize errors and rework. Create detailed workflow templates with consistent settings applied to each activity. This greatly reduces the opportunity for human error and the need for costly rework.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership. Users of any skill level can easily execute and monitor jobs from anywhere. Even the most difficult tasks can be simplified to achieve consistent, repeatable, auditable, and defensible results so all users can focus on the higher-value work.

Coupled with Nuix Orchestration, our patented parallel processing Nuix Engine can search virtually unlimited volumes of unstructured data with unmatched speed and precision. It has a unique combination of load balancing, fault tolerance, and intelligent processing technologies with a deep built-in understanding of complex file and storage types.

Next time you’re processing data and staring at a progress bar or working after-hours just remember—it doesn’t have to be that way! Nuix Orchestration can help! Contact us to get a demo of Nuix Orchestration to see for yourself.