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Roadshow Recap: Solving Customers' Problems In Sydney


It was a real pleasure to attend the Asia-Pacific 2019 Roadshow at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, which was filled to capacity and professionally run.

Group CEO Rod Vawdrey set the tone for the conference by highlighting our ambitions to be #1 in investigations and #1 in eDiscovery and the importance of our Ringtail acquisition in supporting these goals.

Former US ambassador to Australia Jeff Bleich gave a thought-provoking talk titled "Truth, Trust, and Technology" that highlighted the dangers to society of mass-produced misinformation and why technologies such as Nuix can be a vital part in fighting back.

Chief Product Officer Danny Pidutti presented the Nuix roadmap across our product portfolio. This provided a bigger picture to the audience who predominantly use Nuix Workstation and Nuix Web Review & Analytics in their day-to-day work. I was particularly impressed by Danny’s list of big customers from around the world using Nuix to solve difficult real-world problems.


An interesting customer panel included representatives from two major Australian banks, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac, and Clayton Utz, one of our oldest and largest law firms. They provided observations on the unique challenges and stresses of responding to a public inquiry. People, process, and technology remain as important as ever, particularly when you have six days (not six working days) to respond to a dozen different questions from a judge. Information governance maturity is crucial.


The labs and sessions during the afternoon were professionally run and very well attended.

Solutions Consultant Michael Davies gave a very interesting talk on how Nuix is part of the frontline battle against child exploitation, working with PhotoDNA support and other tools. It is a strong reminder of the important work Nuix customers do and the impact it can have to society.

There were also informative presentations on the analytics capabilities in Ringtail, mobile phone analytics, and litigation-ready Nuix-powered data lakes.

Most of all I enjoyed the opportunities to meet with customers to hear first-hand their data challenges and how they are using Nuix software—or are looking to use it—to make a big difference. I now have a challenging list of follow-up items to work through.

My overall impression of the conference was that Nuix is not just a vendor but a partner with our customers to solve their real-world problems, and that is a privileged place for us to be.