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Social Network Analytics--The Key to "Who Knew What, When?"

social board

A ‘social network’ isn’t just the collective term for popular services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It’s also a concept of shared communication between individuals and what those individual communications can tell us about the actions of each person.

In litigation or investigative cases, electronic communications are, as many of you know, a great source of evidence, and become even more powerful when they tell a story thanks to advanced analysis. To do that, you need help.


One of the more exciting additions to the Nuix Ringtail platform last year was the inclusion of Social Network Analytics. While eDiscovery has always been concerned with finding out the “who, what, and when” details inside a matter, one of the most challenging tasks is to determine “who knew what, when!”

Legal teams are very familiar with the grunt work that goes with identifying custodians and key documents via searches. The drudgery of trying to discern who had access to key information at key stages in an event through date stamps and (potentially disconnected) email threads is well documented.


As our video snippet of the feature so clearly demonstrates, the ability to quickly identity a key concept (or concepts), see which custodians are talking about those concepts, and then see the flow of communication across that list of custodians is powerful.

You can quickly confirm known facts (“Yes, these 5 people were discussing this project.”) as well as discover the unknown facts (“Hey, custodian 3 was sharing this information with someone outside the company!”). These insights can help teams make much more informed decisions about the scope of the case—as well as the damage it might cause the company or client.

Identifying and analyzing these types of relationships without visual analytics can be, at best, time-consuming and, at worst, mistake-prone. In both cases, it puts a major strain on the review team. And the more time spent trying to identify the basic facts and patterns surrounding the case, the less time those teams will spend working on the case itself.

So, do yourself a favor after reading the blurb from our release notes—check out the video (if you didn’t already watch it above) and see how quickly you can go from a keyword to a key fact to key email communication to a key social network with Nuix Ringtail.

social board

Tracking communications in Nuix Ringtail is much easier than this. Photo by Daniele Riggi on Unsplash


Nuix Ringtail delivers social network analytics. Designed to streamline the review of email communication patterns between people and organizations, Nuix Ringtail social network analytics is comprised of three unique “panes” that can be used individually or in tandem in a Ringtail Workspace:

  • The Domain Network pane allows legal teams to view email communication, by focusing on the exchanges at the email domain level.
  • The Communication Network pane displays email communication between people and analyzes communication patterns across key custodians.
  • The Concept Cloud pane can be used in tandem with the social network visualizations to display the concepts contained within communications selected in the social networks.

Find out more about Nuix Ringtail’s social network analytics and other eDiscovery and investigation capabilities—schedule a demo with us today.