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Staying Connected with Nuix During the COVID-19 Crisis

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The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted so many aspects of our “normal” lives. As governments around the world decree school closings, travel restrictions, and limited person-to-person gatherings, it forces all of us to take a moment to think about what comes next.

At Nuix, we’re taking every reasonable precaution to ensure the wellbeing of our employees and customers. Unfortunately, this means we won’t be seeing you in person as often as we’d like. However, we’ll be doing everything we can to stay connected through this undeniably trying time.

Nuix Connect Conferences

The Nuix Connect regional conferences planned from March to May 2020 have been postponed to later this year. We’re working hard to ensure that each event will bring together eDiscovery, legal, law enforcement, corporate, information governance, and more experts to learn, network, and share best practices together, when we finally hold them. We’ll publish the details for each event on when we finalize the dates.

Webinars for All

Webinars are a great way to stay connected with our thought leaders and software experts. We’re expanding our schedule of webinar content, for everyone from beginners to power users, throughout 2020.

We’ve already scheduled a whole year’s worth of Nuix Discover power user webinars, giving you monthly opportunities to learn how to get the most out of our eDiscovery review software.

We’re in the midst of planning a Nuix Investigate power user webinar series—we’ll publish the full details shortly—and we have plans to hold webinars about Nuix Adaptive Security as well.

Interspersed between the power user webinars, we’ll have some sessions that touch on topics that matter to you (and us too), beginning with a panel of experts talking about innovation and knowledge management in legal teams, based on our Faces of Innovation report on March 31.

Stay up to date on our planned webinars by subscribing to our BrightTalk channel or visiting Remember, even if a webinar doesn’t fall at a time—or time zone—that works for you, if you register, you’ll get access to an on-demand recording of the session and automatically notified if we change the time of a scheduled session.

Calling the Nuix Cast

We’re also working hard to get the entire cast of Nuix experts contributing to our podcast channel, with several episodes in the works already. We’ve had great feedback from listeners about the convenience of listening to relevant topics by podcast and we’re doing everything to make the content easy to access and enjoy.

You can subscribe to our podcast on Soundcloud or find it on iTunes or Stitcher by searching for “Nuix.” We’ll also post all upcoming episodes on YouTube under the “Nuix Unscripted” playlist on our channel.

Remote but Connected

As social creatures (most of us, anyway), the possibility of weeks working remotely is a daunting thought. Staying isolated is a necessary health and safety precaution as we weather the storm that is COVID-19 but being stuck at home doesn’t mean you’ll be alone.

We’re doing everything to stay connected and make this time as easy as possible for you, whether you’re a current customer or just finding out about our software. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Nuix contacts for a video chat or call if you have questions, and please stay safe and healthy.