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Stir Friday Recap - Security News From April 2019

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Here’s a look back on the top cybersecurity stories from the month of April that were featured in our Stir Friday email newsletter. If you want to get more timely access to these stories, be sure to subscribe to receive our Friday emails with all the key stories from the week.


Aebi Schmidt latest manufacturer dealing with cyberattack

Swiss heavy equipment company, Aebi Schmidt, was reportedly hit with a ransomware attack in April. The company told TechCrunch that its Windows environment had been hit with malware and the company shut down that portion of its network while it dealt with the situation.

2017 may have been the ‘Year of the Ransomware,’ but it’s alive and well two years later. discloses security breach blames a February 2019 security breach on a phishing email received in July 2018. Customer data might have been exposed, the company said in a short message posted on its website.

This is a curious gap in time for an attack based on phishing. Although details about the attack are very thin, it does appear that the company moved fairly quickly to notify customers, even without evidence of fraud or misuse.

Chinese woman carrying thumb drive with malware arrested at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort

Secret Service agents arrested a Chinese woman after she bypassed layers of security and gained access to the reception area of President Trump’s Florida resort.

This statement from the story isn’t accurate. The person in question did not go through security screening. ‘Layers of security’ were not ‘bypassed.’ The US Secret Service are not ticket takers.

Toyota data breach affects up to 3.1 million customers

Auto maker Toyota said a breach hit its sales offices in Japan, affecting up to 3.1 million customers.

I don’t have exact historical data at the ready, but this has to be one of the largest breaches affecting the automotive industry.


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