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Stir Friday Recap – Security News from May 2019

Stir Friday
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Here’s a look back on the top cybersecurity stories from the month of May that were featured in our Stir Friday email newsletter. If you want to get more timely access to these stories, be sure to subscribe to receive our Friday emails with all the key stories from the week.

Cybersecurity Stories from the Past Month

Instagram data from 49 million accounts found lying around online

A security researcher discovered a massive cache of data of millions of Instagram accounts, publicly accessible for everyone to see.

Most of this information was publicly available but it does call into question the tactic known as “screen scraping.” Don’t even get me started on the GDPR ramifications here.

TalkTalk data breach customer details found online

TalkTalk failed to inform 4,545 customers their personal information, including bank account details, were stolen as a part of the 2015 breach.

Everyone please note: The UK Information Commissioner’s Office levied a record 400,000 GBP fine as a result of this. Don’t think that notifying some victims will get you off the hook.

Over 10 million people hit in single Australian data breach: OAIC

The quarterly data breach report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner revealed that out of the overall population of 25.4 million, 10 million individuals had their information compromised in one incident.

I know there are several large data breach reports and surveys, but this one is definitely worth taking a look at.

Massive Data Breach Exposes Russian Officials’ Passports, Reports Say

Hundreds of thousands of Russians, including former government officials, have had their passport data posted online in a massive leak.

I don’t know how common identity theft is in Russia, but this is not good news for the victims, regardless.

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