Visual Analytics Part 2: Get a Perspective

Last week we looked at the relationship and time analytics in Nuix Web Review & Analytics. Now we’ll take a look at the statistic and map analytics.

In my last post, I mentioned that you can create and customize dashboard “perspectives” in the way that you want to see your data. Another very cool feature is that the Nuix Web Review & Analytics dashboard is completely interactive, so it updates dynamically based on your active query. So it not only gives you an overview of your entire corpus of data, you can also slice and dice that data based on any Nuix search query you can construct.



This new analytic helps you define a set of configurable queries that run against the scoped query, and then enables you to group container, custodian, tag, or custom metadata by evidence.

Window displaying sections and icons representing containers of evidence

Named Entities

View counts for each of the available named entities. Out of the box, Nuix extracts named entities for company names, person names, IP addresses, URLs, email addresses, monetary values, country names, credit card numbers, and personal identification numbers. But you can also construct your own named entities using regular expressions and run them during processing.

Window displaying a list of specific company names and how many times each is mentioned


This analytic lets you compare the numerical counts of any two sets of item attributes. Sets of item attributes include things like custodian name, evidence container, domain, kind, sender or recipient, language, item sets, production sets, and word lists.

Bar chart representing number of email, document, container, spreadsheet, and uncategorized attributes by custodian and kind


With the Shingle analytic, you can see the counts of each shingle run associated with a given set of items. (Check out my post on shingling for a refresher on this process for identifying overlapping near-duplicates.)

Tabled list of four to five word phrases with numbers in a corresponding column representing the counts of a given shingle run

Top Types

Get insight into the relative size of various sets of attributes based on data volume or item count. Sets of item attributes include custodian name, evidence container, domain, kind, sender or recipient, language, item sets, production sets, and word lists.

Pie chart showing a breakdown of attribute kinds, including email, document, container, spreadsheet, and image. Each sliver of the pie is a different color.

Case Summary

This analytic is also new for Nuix Web Review & Analytics 6.2. In it, you can define a set of configurable queries to run against the scoped query and then choose whether to represent it as data volmes or item counts.

Pie chart showing eDiscovery queries by count, including emails, loose documents, attachments, and forensic images. Each slice of the pie is a different color.

Word Count

This analytic enables you to see a list of words and the number of occurrences across the in-scope items.

Tabled list of words with a corresponding column showing that each word occurred three times within the set scope



This visualization lets you plot items with geographical data on a map. You can then use the map to scope your result set.

Terrain map showing two plotted points near Sydney, AU

With Nuix Web Review & Analytics 6.2, there are 13 different analytics that you can include in your dashboard perspectives. While I’ve reviewed each of these at a high level in these past two blog posts, over the next several weeks I will take you through each of these and show you how the best way to achieve insight into your data is to get a perspective.

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Posted on May 27, 2015 by Stephen Stewart