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We Are All Connected

Connected fingers

With the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’re generating more human-generated data than ever. Video and audio conferencing are replacing in-person meetings, emails are acting as a substitute for colleague chats over coffee, and group texts are standing in for lunch dates.

Remote working, playing, and responsible social distancing will hopefully curb the virus outbreak, but these acts are also effectively causing an explosion of content.

Think of the ripple effect not only on the average business, but the whole infrastructure of our business economy.

Sharing Data Across Organizations

The typical, globally connected corporation stores, manages, and retains sensitive data located in its own environment and shares this data with outside sources like law firms, service providers, vendors, partners, and other corporations.

Of course, companies are part of markets, which regulators oversee by connecting to the same data. These regulators work routinely with other government agencies, which includes those focused on individual and citizen rights, connecting both the corporate and personal information together into one giant data organism.

Thus, we are all trying to use the same data to solve business problems and help complete tasks—business, government, law firms, service providers, law enforcement, and individuals.

Problem Solving … With Multiple Needs and More Data

As working, learning, shopping, and socializing become largely virtual during this time of social distancing, it’s important to remember the troves of data we are continuing to create. The globally connected corporation, the law firms that handle its litigation and legal matters, the service providers that support core functions like eDiscovery processing, human services, etc., and the regulator enforcing consumer protection are subject to the burden of data spikes, regardless of whether they originated within or are external to the business.

The good news is, regardless of who is using and analyzing the data, Nuix’s specialty is to enable understanding of that data to meet required outcomes regardless of the type or variety of data being created.

For instance, an organization under GDPR mandate responding to a data breach needs to publish a report in 72 hours, and it needs to find affected PII wherever it exists, as just one part of its compliance response program. Using Nuix, the enterprise can act quickly to organize and protect this sensitive content while also responding within standard timeframes to external requests from regulators or data subjects.

In the case of proving corporate embezzlement, the investigation team needs to find where the money went. Using Nuix to monitor and collect from endpoints, the organization can perform targeted evidence collection and begin investigating it immediately to determine misconduct.

In the example of a corporate lawsuit, a company must prove its competitor infringed on its patent. Nuix provides powerful analytics to make connections and build a more informed, more successful case strategy.

Bringing Everything Together

The same data retained and organized to ensure privacy response compliance is not only within the originating business, but within its partner ecosystem—vendors, service providers, law firms, and other business partners.

Regulators and government enforcement agencies need to follow the data trail not only for privacy response, but to track criminal activity within businesses—such as corporate embezzlement or illegal possession of patent materials—so that action is taken to protect the trust in the system.

Finally, individuals are increasingly demanding information from the same government agencies and businesses that are ensuring individual rights and confidence are protected.

Nuix, now more than ever, is one powerful common denominator in a complex, interconnected network of companies, vendors, and agencies. Wherever your work aligns in this network, there’s a strong probability that the data shared and received has been processed, contextualized, indexed, or reviewed by Nuix software—a source of accurate and defensible consistency in an environment of unpredictable data.

Control the Data Chaos

As human-generated data—including documents, social media posts, text messages, videos, and voice/audio recordings—continue to skyrocket in a remote-mandated business economy, the overwhelming questions around keeping data in check will only grow.

If you have Nuix, you already have the answer. Take back control of your data—whenever and however it was created by indexing what you have and uncovering relevant key information that uncover compliance risks, improve investigations, and increase knowledge and decision-making.

Even if we’re all working remotely during this crisis, we’re still here to help you get a handle on your data needs. Contact us to find out how.