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Welcome Back to the Nuix Ringtail Power User Webinars!

Nuix Ringtail Power User webinar

After a brief eight-month hiatus, I’m excited to share that the monthly Nuix Ringtail Power User Webinar series is starting back up on June 25. I’ll be acting as the host of the series and I’m really pleased to be joined by Emily Tice this month.

An Overview of Ringtail 9.9 with Emily Tice

No stranger to Nuix Ringtail users, Emily spent over 10 years working in the trenches at FTI Consulting on an amazing array of eDiscovery projects before joining the Ringtail team full time in 2016 as our VP of Customer Success.

In this role, Emily has worked as a bridge between clients and our product teams—both showcasing Nuix Ringtail’s capabilities and helping be the voice of the customer inside our organization. It’s this experience and close relationship with our clients that make Emily’s demos so great. She can quickly highlight the features she knows will illicit the biggest ohhhhs and ahhhhs from an audience.

And there are lots of those in Nuix Ringtail 9.9. which includes several new features and even more improvements to existing features, including:

  • Audio transcription
  • Password Bank
  • Case decommission
  • New Portal and Case Home dashboards
  • Updates to the list, view, and related panes
  • More coding history metrics
  • Machine language translation enhancements.

Our goal with Power User webinars is to keep them short, useful, and entertaining—but you’ll have to forgive us if we run a bit long on this one. It’s been awhile since we last spoke!

We Want to Hear from You

The Power User webinar series was designed to provide our end users with a monthly dose of excitement—highlighting new features, key capabilities, and both basic and novel ways to use core functionality.

Our original (and current) mandate was to host and record webinars that could be enjoyed live over a lunch break and be permanently available on our website.

In addition to that we want them to be fun, quick (ideally 20-30 minutes), interesting, focused, and (re)useful!

Looking back at the original 21 episodes I see we covered a lot of topics, including:

  • Analytics (several times!)
  • Continuous active learning (CAL)
  • Chat eDiscovery
  • Ingestion best practices
  • Audio eDiscovery
  • And lots of “what’s new” sessions

We’ll continue to develop sessions based on what we’re hearing from our clients and industry analysts. If you have ideas for topics or something you’d like to see, please drop me a line and let me know. We are always looking for interesting topics and ideas for our webinars. The field of eDiscovery is a big place, with many unique roles and tasks, and if you are feeling like your area is being neglected, we can help shine some light on it.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, June 25, 1:00 PM EDT for our long-overdue Nuix Ringtail Power User webinar. Don’t forget to register ahead of time!