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Women In Nuix Episode 15: Out of the Box, with Maeve O’Connell

Maeve O'Connell

On the latest episode of the Women in Nuix podcast, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Nuix Head of Partner Programs and Operations Maeve O’Connell. Maeve’s thoughtful approach to career opportunities, personal growth and modeling equitable leadership make this conversation a reflection on what it means to be open to all the experiences our lives have to offer.

Maeve has been with Nuix for six years, starting out as a business analyst and eventually moving into strategic and technical roles within the partner organization. She currently oversees the structure by which Nuix manages our partner relationships, addressing how we do business with our partners and how our partners work with us. She also leads the implementation of all systems and tools associated with the partner program.

In her university years, Maeve studied electrical and electronic engineering. After working in a related job for a few years, she traveled to Japan where she taught English to Japanese students as part of a long-standing national program in the country (and making lifelong friendships along the way). Maeve says this experience taught her, in turn, the value of working internationally and with people of different cultures. 

From there, Maeve took a position as business analyst at Amazon, then decided to go back to school for her master’s degree, which she earned in business and IT. It was during her graduate schooling that Maeve participated in a project set up in conjunction with Nuix, paving the way for her career with the organization.

Excerpts from the Conversation

Here’s a condensed excerpt from our podcast conversation. I invite you to listen to the full episode below for more from Maeve.

Dana: Was there an inflection point in your schooling or your formative career where you said, I’m finding this path, I’m narrowing what my interests are? Did that point exist for you?

Maeve: I didn’t have any lightbulb moment where something just clicked in my mind and I said this is what I need to do. I think as the older I’m getting the more deliberate I am in my choices and what directions I go in. I mentioned, the reasons I went into university and studied what I did were fairly one-dimensional. But now I think I probably apply, in terms of decision-making, a few different lenses on any decision I’m going to make.

The older you get the more you get to know yourself. You know how you like to work and the way you like to work. Sometimes that’s not always how people might have perceived you when you were younger. They might have put you in a little box and you kind of think you belong in that box and then when you get a bit older you’re like oh actually no, I don’t. There’s other things I can do that maybe I thought I couldn’t do.

Dana: And sometimes you know when there’s that perception and people putting you in that box, it’s also really easy to keep yourself in that box and say, this is just who I am. It’s a testament to who you are that you can say, I’m growing and changing, and not only that, but that there doesn’t have to be an inflection point or epiphany moment, it can be iterative change, and becoming comfortable with the person you’re becoming. And not confining yourself based on who you think you should be or others think you should be.

Maeve: To add to that, hindsight is obviously a wonderful thing, right? And if I were to look back at decisions I’ve made, I might be able to attribute some kind of logic to them, but I don’t think I was probably thinking about that at the time. So it’s always interesting to think back on your life and think about the different ways or the different paths you might go down and how that might throw you into other different paths. Sometimes those things don’t bear thinking about because you never really know, right?

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