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Women in Nuix: A Seat (And a Voice) at the Table

Women in Nuix

“It’s exciting to elevate each other … when we have those opportunities to work with and bring each other along on those mutual journeys, I encourage women to embrace it.”

This was a comment made by Women in Nuix podcast host Reem Saffouri during the fourth episode of the show as she spoke with co-host Annie Oman. In context, Reem was reflecting on the process of transitioning and combining teams after acquisition, and the benefits of having collaborative stakes amid change.

Reem’s notion about elevating each other, finding ways to boost one another’s talents and voices when sometimes it’s more convenient or less effort not to, also applies broadly to the experiences of women working in technology, in corporations, in law, and in many, many other fields. It’s one reason why we found a way to tell the stories of women as they aspire to achieve and lead and find (or sometimes make) their place at the table—because these stories, and the hard-won advice that comes with them, are crucial to the conversation around diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Podcast for the WiN

Our commitment has manifested itself in a podcast and initiative we call Women in Nuix (WiN, for those of us who find fitting acronyms irresistible). The podcast debuted to the public this past April, a time when the entire world was forced to rethink how we interacted with each other, and in that respect the timing was perfect. It provided a new, thoughtful way for us to connect and engage in a time where face-to-face interactions became impossible.

The WiN podcast is all about how women make their way through the professional world. It’s the challenges they encounter, and the victories they celebrate—told through the lens of friends and peers, within Nuix, from partner and client organizations, and beyond. The show is hosted, in turns, by four Nuix leaders: Annie Oman, who heads up our learning and development team; Emily Tice, our Vice President of Customer Experience; Reem Saffouri, who leads our customer support teams; and Tish Looper, who oversees customer success. The conversations are people- and experience-focused, letting guests shine as they share their journeys.

As we look toward the end of season one of the podcast, we are thrilled to have spoken with so many remarkable women—Kate Clark and Kiri Parr of ELMS, Caroline Sweeney of Dorsey & Whitney, Toni Millican of Trinity Industries, independent eDiscovery consultant Beth Patterson, as well as Nuix Training Manager Carlyn Milla and Nuix Senior Solutions Consultant Christina Mather. We’re thrilled to be formally growing the podcast to include a host in the EMEA region in season two and to host more incredible, candid conversations.

An Organizational Commitment to Women

While the podcast stands as an outward representation of the developing commitment we're making to gender diversity inwardly as an organization, the most significant internal representation of this commitment is our Women in Nuix group. The group began in the US and has quickly expanded to include our EMEA and APAC regions. The mission of the WiN group is to provide women on the Nuix team opportunities for professional growth, visibility, mentorship, and giving back.

All the Women in Nuix initiatives welcome men to listen, participate, and get involved. Within the organization, that meant inviting men to the recent kickoff event of the WiN network in EMEA, which covered the committees and associated goals of the group and encouraged participation meeting those goals by everyone involved. Women professionals deeply understand that need for inclusion and understand, too, that inclusion builds alliance.

Bringing You Along on the Journey

We at Nuix are standing and working, as podcast co-host and frequent WiN network contributor Annie Oman likes to say, “shoulder to shoulder,” lifting each other’s voices and truths up with a spirit of equality and support.

In the coming months, we’ll look to join facets of the external and internal Women in Nuix initiatives together, so you’ll hear more from our podcast guests via virtual events, you’ll be able to attend gender-focused thought leadership webinars, and you’ll get to read and listen to more women-led content.

No matter where you are in your career, no matter your gender, no matter how involved you are or want to be with inclusion and representation in your workplace, we invite you to listen, learn, and stand shoulder to shoulder along with us.