Nuix USG Grant Assistance Program Now Available for Public Safety

HERNDON, VA – September 29, 2016 — Nuix USG is pleased to announce its participation in a program to link emergency response and public safety departments with much needed grant funding opportunities.

“Nuix has a long history of supporting local, state, and federal law enforcement and first responder communities,” said Tim O’Rourke, Vice President, Sales, Nuix USG. “It’s important for us to continue that support by partnering with to help ensure critically needed grant funding support is available to help agencies meet their mission requirements.”

In tough economic times, dollars are scarce and many city and county budgets are being cut. The amount of grant dollars available for police, fire, and EMS, has remained strong, yet many departments are unfamiliar with the grant process and lack the knowledge or resources to successfully apply for grants. Nuix USG has become a sponsor of the grant assistance program managed by to assist those interested in purchasing investigation products.

"Grants are a critical source of funding for departments across the country. The purpose of our program is to provide thorough information about available grants and the tools to create successful applications," said Sarah Wilson, Director of the Grants Program. "We are proud to be able to assist with simplifying the grants process for first responders." 

Nuix is uniquely positioned to assist law enforcement organizations in the areas of eDiscovery, investigation, and response. One recent example involved helping a state agency work through mountains of data from a mixture of hard drives, cell phones, and other mobile devices tied to a healthcare fraud case. Without Nuix, according to the agency, “we might still be sifting through the data today.”

In another area, Nuix helped a state agency confirm their suspicions and identify an insider threat through the use of its eDiscovery and voice tools. Beyond finding various legal violations, the case also exposed possible vulnerabilities to various government buildings in the state that the insider had access to and uncovered the insider’s previously unknown connections to Chinese nationals, raising additional data leakage and security concerns.

Law Enforcement Agencies interested in obtaining grant assistance can visit the website and fill out a grant assistance form here.