Nuix Values

Be Awesome


We smash average
good enough is not enough

Push yourself
and others, to go beyond

Love what you do
and be the best at it

Beat your goals
show people what's possible

Be Authentic


Be yourself
and allow others to be themselves too

Keep it real
put your energy where it will make a difference

Be honest
with yourself and with others

Remember your family
they need your energy too

Make a Difference


Add value
contribute, get stuff done

Have fun
do your bit to make it fun to work here

Get involved
speak up, be heard

Walk in the shoes of our customer
it's only together that we can make a difference

Be Nuix


Respect differences
it takes all kinds to make this work

Be humble
let others praise you

Stay strong
it's tough to grow this fast

Step up
don't coast along, you need to be at your best