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The old saying “time is money” should be changed to “information is money.” Modern businesses create, store, and use more data than at any point in our history, and its value is inestimable. Data fuels every aspect of business operation, including sales strategies, product development, marketing opportunities, and everything you can think of. Information is the lifeblood of commerce, and it continues to grow in volume and variety.

Your data, however, isn’t just valuable to you. Your competitors want it to capture your customers and sales. Foreign nations want it, so they can undercut rival economies and channel money to their own government and citizens. Hackers want it to make a quick profit, sow discord and chaos, or simply because they enjoy
being disruptive. 

This puts you in a tenuous position. There’s no way to reverse the trend and limit your exposure and vulnerability to attack. Do you continue to employ the same cybersecurity technologies and tactics you always have, or adapt with the times? Where do you even begin?

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