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Bryant Isbell


Bryant Isbell

Bryant Isbell is the Managing Director of the Global eDiscovery and Data Advisory Group at Baker McKenzie. Bryant has more than 15 years of experience focusing on information governance, data privacy, full EDRM lifecycle execution and management, and data analytics.

During Bryant’s career, he has worked on numerous FCPA Investigations and other compliance investigations, which have been pursued by many foreign governments. He is responsible for overseeing the collections of ESI and other evidentiary materials, as well as all production of documents to enforcement agencies and other counsel. Bryant handles all aspects of eDiscovery and forensics globally for the firm. Additionally, he provides consultative advice to clients on the preservation, collection, processing, hosting, and production of ESI.

Bryant has successfully implemented analytics and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) workflows into client engagements to defensibly and efficiently reduce data volume and project cost. Bryant is an experienced professional in data privacy and international collection logistics, and has managed multiple complex projects in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia involving hundreds of millions of documents and thousands of reviewers worldwide. He is responsible for the strategic selection and implementation of electronic discovery tools for the firm, as well as training and professional development of the litigation support professionals.

Bryant is a member of the Sedona Conference Working Group on International Electronic Information Management and Disclosure, as well as Electronic Document Retention and Production. Bryant is also a frequent panelist on topics of project management, electronic discovery, and information governance at ILTA Con and Legaltech New York. Bryant is a member of the Global Disputes Resolution Group’s e-Discovery Committee as well as the North American Litigation Practice Group’s e-Discovery Committee. He is on the Board of Directors of the UK Chapter of the Association of Certified eDiscovery specialists and is an adjunct professor for the Cleveland Marshall School of Law’s eDiscovery Distance Learning Program and Ulster University Law School Innovations Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Nuix Relationship

Baker McKenzie has been a Nuix customer since 2016, and Bryant has been a key customer contact with the firm for Nuix. The relationship between Baker McKenzie and Nuix goes back much further, when the firm began using Nuix software through a service provider to handle matters internationally over 10 years ago.
Bryant spearheaded the development of internal eDiscovery and investigations capabilities at Baker McKenzie. He currently owns the global eDiscovery spend for the law firm and is often called upon by Nuix to provide a law firm perspective during strategic and development conversations.

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