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Caroline Sweeney


Caroline Sweeney

As the Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation at Dorsey & Whitney law firm, Caroline leads Dorsey’s Knowledge Management and Innovation team, which includes Dorsey’s managed service offering, LegalMine.  Her experience allows her to combine her technical knowledge and extensive litigation technology experience when providing eDiscovery consulting services to clients and is also a good foundation for her leadership of Dorsey’s Knowledge Management and Innovation efforts.

Caroline Sweeney is responsible for the delivery of Dorsey’s eDiscovery services, including LegalMine Managed Review services, litigation technology support, and trial technology support. Caroline is a member of Dorsey’s Electronic Discovery Practice Group and the Cybersecurity, Privacy and Social Media Practice Group. She has extensive experience consulting with attorneys and clients regarding eDiscovery, including identification, preservation, collection, processing, review and production of electronically stored information. Her 25+ years of experience in the litigation support industry include working in the law firm and litigation support vendor environments.

Caroline is actively involved in the eDiscovery community. She is ACEDs certified, and past Co-President of the Twin Cities ACEDs chapter, and participated in the development of the litigation support certification test for the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP). In addition, Caroline is a current member of The Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production and is a member of the Sedona Technology Resource Panel.  She was recently appointed as a member of the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) global advisory board, and currently sits on the Knowledge Management content programming committee for the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).  Previously, she co-chaired the Minnesota E-Discovery Project Working Group 5 on Use of Technology to Facilitate Production of E-Discovery. 

She has served on several eDiscovery vendors’ client advisory boards and has experience with a wide array of eDiscovery processing and review platforms. In addition to various software certifications, Caroline has received additional certifications in the areas of Legal Project Management and records and information management and is also listed in Strathmore’s Who’s Who. She has participated as a presenter and faculty member at various conferences on litigation support and eDiscovery and is a former instructor of “Computers in the Law” at the Minnesota Legal Assistant Institute. In the early 1990s, she was a co-founder of the Minnesota Association of Litigation Support Managers.

Nuix Relationship

Caroline has used Nuix Discover (formerly Ringtail) since 2008 as an on-premise client and moved to a SaaS deployment in 2014. Dorsey & Whitney currently today is Nuix’s largest SaaS customer in adoption and growth. Caroline is a strong advocate for Nuix and the SaaS platform and is regularly asked by Nuix to be a reference and marketing events and campaigns. Caroline is well known in the industry and is often called by customers for her reference and perspective. The Dorsey team continuously uses Nuix Discover to its full depth and breath, as well as shares industry direction to help mature the product direction. In addition, they truly love the value of Continuous Active Learning and use it daily in their workflow for their LegalMine review cases.

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