Government Agency and Incident Response

Data breach investigations measured in hours and days—not months.

Government agencies don’t have the clearest direction when it comes to incident response and breach notification. Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, federal law, and agency policies all paint different pictures of whom you must notify and how quickly you need to tell them. 

Yet, how you respond to a breach can have far-reaching and damaging effects. Data loss is just the beginning; poorly handling a data breach can result in scathing commentary in the media, loss of public confidence, and resource-sapping inquiries or investigations into your agency’s security practices.

In lieu of strong, clearly defined breach notification and response guidelines, government agencies need to look toward exterior examples for guidance. The European Union General Data Protection Regulation, for example, will soon hold companies to a 72-hour breach notification window. Nuix is helping companies around the world understand their data and be ready and able to answer this requirement. 

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