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Nuix provides a range of powerful, easy to use and forensically sound ways to gather digital evidence for investigations, eDiscovery and cybersecurity breaches. You can collect data from a large variety of sources, including laptops, desktops and enterprise file shares, as well as difficult-to-access repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint databases.

Nuix fast and flexible collection technologies include the Nuix Collector Suite, which comprises three tailored tools you can use independently or together to collect evidence from individual devices, across networks and from Microsoft SharePoint sites. It includes a simple-to-use collection module for field personnel. We also offer a full enterprise grade Nuix Enterprise Collection Center, which is a powerful architecture for automating collection tasks across multiple data sources.

The Nuix Collection products include Nuix Enterprise Collection Center and the Nuix Collector Suite:

  • Nuix Portable Collector
  • Nuix Network Collector
  • Nuix Sharepoint Collector

To learn more about our Nuix Collection products, download our fact sheet now.