Nuix Email Archive Discovery Fact Sheet for Advisory Firms and Service Providers

Do your clients trust their onsite email archive?

Email archives are the number one target repository for legal information requests. Archives are critical to corporate legal teams and the cornerstone for legal collections. However, the inconsistent results and time-out errors that are endemic to archives’ built-in searches leave many corporate IT and legal administrators scratching their heads over the validity of their search requests.

Most legacy onsite email archives were not designed to withstand today’s explosive data growth. As a result, retrieving data from these archives’ native application program interface (API) can be painfully slow—legal collections often take weeks or months to retrieve simple requests. In addition, archives native early case assessment (ECA) tools are less robust than modern eDiscovery technologies.

Nuix Email Archive Discovery offers a powerful solution. Nuix’s unmatched ability to search and govern email archive data allows legal and IT teams to simplify discovery search and collection processes in their current environment or migrate to an updated email archive.

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