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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

One Window Into All Your Evidence

Criminals are taking advantage of technology to commit crimes and evade detection. Growing data volumes and the rise in evidence coming from mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing are crushing investigators’ ability to make informed decisions.

Complex criminal cases can involve multiple suspects, many devices, large volumes of data, and cross local, state, and national boundaries. You need to distribute the workload between many people and collaborate effectively with counterparts in other jurisdictions.

Nuix's investigation solution helps the world’s largest agency labs solve real-world cases. Our software provides a single window into all evidence sources and gives you deeper insights across current and historic cases.


Quickly cull through data and simultaneously compare past and present findings and real-time events and behaviors, drastically reducing the time it takes to uncover hidden insights and relationships in connected data.


Apply repeatable workflows that reveal pertinent case information and assure that if you follow the process again that you will arrive at the same conclusion—a key element of defending your case in court.


Enable case investigators and forensic technicians to analyze, review, and collaborate on digital evidence. Parcel out evidence to specialist analysts or reviewers, and share intelligence with other agencies.