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Nuix and Passware Partner to Provide Full Disk Decryption – Leaving No Byte Unturned

Nuix Workstation

If the headlines in our news feeds are any indication, the workplace landscape has permanently shifted, with priority for employees on working from home some or all the time. Teams tasked with managing, aggregating or investigating employee-generated data know the importance of protecting this organizational data, often with myriad disk encryption technologies.

While encryption fortifies an organization’s data against manipulation, breaches and exfiltration, it can present challenges during an internal investigation. When I think about Nuix, for example, our data security posture involves covering multiple operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux – with different encryption technologies for each. Based on conversations we product managers have engaging with customers, this setup is a common one.

When it comes to internal investigations, digital investigators are generally pressed for time, teams are understaffed and pursuant courses of action hinge on the best (and most accurate) evidence. In my own experience working investigations, you’re typically dealing with evidence that can come from anywhere and each location might be secured with its own encryption technology. For instance, I’ve found that machines running Windows are typically secured with BitLocker, Symantec or McAfee, Macs running MacOS are most often secured using FileValut2, and Linux with LUKS, VeraCrypt, or TrueCrypt if the device is older.

If you must review multiple devices during your investigation, you’re going to need to mount each device, which can vary depending on operating system and type of encryption, and then process the data. This adds complexity to the already stretched investigators, slowing them down, and is further exacerbated for non-technical users who are just loading the data.

Passware For Powerful Decryption

We’re always looking to make more data accessible to investigators, allowing them to turn it into actionable intelligence. With the launch of Nuix Workstation v9.2, investigators can load encrypted evidence into Nuix Workstation, along with the relevant keys, and then take advantage of Nuix’s new integration with Passware Kit Forensic. Passware handles the evidence decryption, thereby freeing up the investigators and streamlining workflows.

Partnering with Passware was a clear and easy choice for us. They are the leader in the decryption of electronic evidence, providing the ability to decrypt more than 10 different disk encryption technologies that our customers see daily. My goal as a product manager is to introduce and develop high-value features for our customers; the time and resource savings this integration provides for customers means fewer frustrations and faster time to results.

As we iterated through the Nuix-Passware integration, I spoke with Dmitry Sumin, Passware CEO, about the partnership. He noted, “We are excited to work with Nuix and provide their customers with seamless access to the decryption capabilities offered by Passware that adds to Nuix’s industry leading file support. Customers of Passware with an existing Passware Kit Forensic license will have access to this capability with no extra costs.”

For more information on using Passware Kit Forensic with Nuix, check out the Nuix Installation guide and stay tuned for an upcoming webinar about the latest release of Nuix Workstation, coming soon on BrightTALK. Passware Kit Forensic is available for purchase from Passware.