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Women In Nuix Episode 14: Conscientious Coding with Sonali Bhavsar

Sonali Bhavsar

On the latest episode of Women in Nuix, show host Emily Tice talks with Sonali Bhavsar, an AI strategist, professional services executive and champion of diversity and inclusion in software development and organizational practices.

Sonali’s experience and expertise blend data, technology and compliance. For many years, she worked with the “Big Four” advisory firms as a technology executive specializing in financial consulting, helping large financial institutions to leverage technology for data monetization, improving data quality and evolving solutions in tandem with the advances of data and data types.

Growing up in India, Sonali’s parents were supportive of her passion for technology and advocated for education—a priority that Sonali continues to uphold, for example, in her work with the StreetWise Partners mentoring organization, where she has worked with underserved people in the community to develop professional skills and provide access to resources.

After moving to the United States and attending graduate school at Temple University, Sonali went to work at Honeywell in a core engineering role, where she helped develop software that runs in pharmaceutical companies, nuclear plants, oil rigs and other enterprise organizations. “It was more like I needed a job versus this is a career that I’m going to follow, but I really appreciated what engineering could do,” Sonali says of this first job.

The job at Honeywell and the nature of the software she developed also gave Sonali a more holistic perspective on this work: coding has value, influence and reach beyond the code committed or features released. In the case of the software Sonali developed at Honeywell, the code could ultimately affect someone’s safety or life. “To date, I take very much to my heart that you’re here [developing software] for a purpose … you’re building something for a purpose.”

Listen to this episode of Women in Nuix to hear more about how Sonali employs a purpose-driven philosophy in her approach to innovation, inclusion and technology that makes a difference.