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Nuix February 2020 Release

Our February 2020 product release expands on the eDiscovery and investigative capabilities of our core
products while also making it easier to move evidence from investigation to review across the platform.

Nuix Workstation

Nuix CTO Stephen Stewart shares his highlights for the February 2020 updates to Nuix Workstation and
the software at large, emphasizing how Nuix is evolving to handle even greater volume and variety of
information in innovative ways.

Nuix Investigate

Stuart Clarke, Director Private Sector, EMEA, provides thoughts on the February 2020 update to
Nuix Investigate, underscoring improvements to the software's communications network capabilities
and how the software is now easier to use for customers to conduct searches and work with larger
amounts of evidence more efficiently.

Nuix Discover

Emily Tice, Head of Customer Experience for Nuix Discover, talks about the exciting updates to Nuix
Discover, including the new “Promote to Discover” capability that greatly enhances customers’ early
case and data assessment opportunities.