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July Release

Nuix July 2019 Release

The Heart of Your Digital Evidence Workflows

This release extends your capability to conduct sophisticated digital evidence workflows within our software suite. You can go deeper into challenging data sources while being more targeted in the data you monitor, collect, process, analyze, and review.


In this video, CTO Stephen Stewart counts down the five most important new features in our latest release.

The July 2019 Nuix product release includes updates across the Nuix product suite:

  • Nuix Workstation 8.0
  • Nuix Investigate 8.0 (formerly Nuix Web Review & Analytics)
  • Nuix Ringtail 9.9
  • Nuix Enterprise Collection Center 8.0
  • Nuix Orchestration 1.8

For more information on the release, please download the Nuix July 2019 info sheet.