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Customer Success Stories


Customer Success Stories


View use cases and videos that demonstrate how our customers find success with our software.

Data-Driven Information Governance Use Case: Information Compliance

Implementing an enterprise-wide enterprise content and records management (ECRM) environment is a challenge that can be daunting, sometimes even seeming impossible. This use case looks at an implementation in a US city’s transportation agency.

Data-Driven Information Governance Use Case: Records and Information Management

Organizations everywhere are struggling to deal with the explosion of electronically stored information.

Global Development Company Uses Nuix to Analyze 3TB of Data in Misconduct Probe

A multinational development company established an internal team to quickly investigate allegations of misconduct. The team turned to First Response and Nuix for help to rapidly process, search, and analyze three terabytes of data from disparate sources within the company.


Gerard Ryle, Director of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) sits down to discuss the Panama Papers story from April 2016, some of the background behind the work, and the role Nuix played helping the ICIJ with the massive data leak.

ICIJ Uses Nuix To Analyze the Largest Data Leak Ever

The leak of more than 2.5 million confidential files to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) exposed the previously secret offshore financial activities of over 120,000 companies, politicians, financial criminals and wealthy individuals in over 170 countries.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk Corporate Investigator Morten Kjaer talks about his company's investigations challenges and how they overcame them using Nuix software. Filmed at the 2019 Nuix Insider Conference in London.

Pharmaceutical Company Turns to Nuix to Rescue Intellectual Property Before Divestiture

A global pharmaceutical company was in the process of divesting a subsidiary when it found the subsidiary’s data centers housed some of the parent company’s intellectual property.

Vodafone UK Case Study

Vodafone's United Kingdom head office needed a more efficient way to conduct internal investigations and litigation matters. The digital investigation team installed a range of Nuix investigation and legal discovery products, each implementation building on the success of the last.
  • saved in one year by bringing data retrieval,
    investigation, and eDiscovery in house
    £93 Million
  • in file shares, email, and SharePoint classified
    to remove intellectual property for divestiture
    87 Million Items
  • 300 Times More Relevant Items Found
    Per Case For
    Consumer Protection Agency
  • in turnaround time for
    claims fraud investigations
    90% Reduction