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Discover, Grow, Succeed … And Make the World a Better Place Together

Nuix User Exchange

The 2019 Nuix User Exchange was built to bring customers together with our partners, our own experts, and featured guests to help them make them, put simply, more skilled Nuix users. True to the theme of the conference, it represents one of the best opportunities to discover what’s possible with our software, grow skills, and achieve greater career success.

All of that was achieved over our time together in Huntington Beach the past few days—along with some incredible costumes and creative dance moves at last night’s 80’s night farewell. But it was another theme, one that seemed to grow organically, that I think deserves special attention.

80s Night User Exchange

A Common Purpose

I’m a proud marketing veteran of five User Exchanges—I’ve got the battle scars to prove it if you don’t believe me—and have personally seen my fair share of change over the years helping our amazing event staff plan and execute these events. Change is a constant with an annual event—I’ll refrain from the temptation to quote an 80’s song to prove that point!

We’ve certainly changed with the addition of Nuix Discover (formerly Ringtail) and welcomed those customers to the User Exchange for the first time ever. Their presence, and the response of everyone to what we’ve accomplished together over the past year with integrating Nuix Discover and continuing to deliver on its established release schedule, was tremendously well-received by everyone on our team.

As important as that was, it’s how the software is being used—along with the possibilities for the future—that truly took center stage at the User Exchange. It’s a sentiment that’s always been there, something that we’ve spoken about throughout our history.

Our software does some pretty cools stuff with data, but to what end? Why is it important to make connections between phone numbers, email addresses, and the people who use them? What does it mean to help speed legal discovery with technology like continuous active learning? Is there a reason to be so fixated on processing so many terabytes in a given hour, day, or longer?

The answer, the common purpose, is to make the world a better place for everyone.

Saving the World, One Case at a Time

Our keynote addresses—Monday afternoon by CNN’s Lisa Ling, and Tuesday afternoon with The Panama Papers director and writer Alex Winter, joined by Seal Legal Forensics Co-founder Alejandra Vallejos Morales—got away from the bits and bytes conversations that everyone present is already so familiar with in their daily work.

Lisa, Alex, and Alejandra all provided important context for everyone’s daily labors and for our technology’s very reason to exist. Lisa discussed her journalistic work and the real human stories of trafficking, exploitation, and violence that are law enforcement customers fight against every day.

Alex and Alejandra gave a retrospective on a story that was such a shock for us when we initially heard about it over three years ago. The Panama Papers crosses all the disciplines represented in the room and continues to have a ripple effect even today, with new discoveries arising regularly. The only thing that shocks me still is how little exposure some of the activities uncovered in the leaked data gets in the news, which Alex acknowledged as a by-product of the breadth of those activities.

Earlier in the day Tuesday, Alejandra spoke about human rights and equality from the perspective of an investigator and attorney. Nuix’s Chip Carlson and Bob O’Leary highlighted how they’ve used Nuix technology to assist in efforts to hasten correlation of tips received by task forces across the country related to child abductions.

Just as a teaser, I also had the chance to film and interview with Nuix board member and former US Ambassador to Australia, Jeff Bleich, about a new research partnership that ultimately will help strengthen democracy around the world. More to come on that in the next few weeks.

Leaving a Familiar but Changed Event

Over three days, we received amazing compliments from people who’d been coming to Huntington Beach with us for years. The focus on topics that matter, along with excellent training, lab, and lecture sessions focusing on how to use the software to make a difference, and subtle changes in the networking, demonstration, and social opportunities were, hands down, a testament to a small but dedicated team of professionals who worked day and night leading up to the event.

On behalf of that team, our company’s leadership, and staff who had a hand in another successful User Exchange, thank you to everyone who joined us, and look for more to come from the conference here on our website, along with our social and video channels, soon.