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Insider Threats: Not Just a Cybersecurity Issue

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It’s interesting that the RSA 2020 conference, which begins today in San Francisco, has a theme of ‘The Human Element.’

Insider threats and destructive employee behaviors are devastating for any organization; in aggregate, they cost billions of dollars in damages. Internal actors violate codes of personal conduct (e.g., harassment and discrimination) and perform malicious activity that includes IP theft, PII breaches, and misuse of funds.

In 2018, organizations lost an estimated USD $7.1 billion due to occupational fraud alone, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Further, an insider threat survey found that the mean cost of a single incident was $8.7 million.

Why Companies Are Losing Money

Insider security breaches cost organizations in large part due to lack of detection, slow response, and inconsistent remediation. As days and weeks pass without detecting a breach, your organization leaks precious assets: money, intellectual property, and sensitive information.

It’s easy to promise detection and prevention, and many vendors do, but the truth is far more ambiguous.

Getting an organization back on track after an insider breach doesn’t stop after remediation and recovery. Today, companies’ monetary and time costs are increasing at a staggering rate just to meet the ‘next steps’ from a security breach.

These next steps include sending collected evidence for external investigation and/or investigating and litigating in-house with a list of disparate software and technologies, along with the typical challenges associated with traditional forensic investigation methods such as:

  • Valuable time lost and budget spent while acquiring and processing evidence
  • The resource toll of necessary but menial tasks on strategic work
  • Interorganizational conflicts, both logistical and political, arising during an investigation 
  • Incomplete evidence due to lack of volatile and temporal data and insufficient historical baseline for comparison
  • Risk of compromised data evidence by counter-forensics measures.

Work the Full Picture

With so much at stake in the enterprise, you can’t afford to not see the full picture or quickly and comprehensively act on what you see. This is where most reactive endpoint technologies fall short.

You need to see the truth—about who and what is putting your organization at risk, about where to investigate first, and about how to respond for maximum damage control—and act on it in real-time. 

Nuix provides total coverage—from behavior monitoring and incident response through forensic investigation and litigation or arbitration.

Nuix Investigation Solution

Our solution facilitates customizable monitoring, enterprise-wide triage, forensic collection, and investigation immediately at the time of detection, reducing the risk exposure of lost intellectual property or personal data and accelerating time to litigation as necessary.

Reduce Your Risk

Your organization needs to reduce the inherent risk of insider threats by indexing what you have and uncovering relevant key information that can point to compliance risks, improve investigations, and increase knowledge and decision-making.

In short, you need to funnel the entire insider threat data stream into a single software process that enables collaboration across users, from stopping the initial threat through investigation to matter conclusion, be that arrest or litigation.