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Building Unstructured Data Solutions for Today and Tomorrow: Part 6 – Wrapping Up

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During the few weeks that it took me to complete this blog series, several things have changed. Many organizations have opted to allow employees to work from home for the foreseeable future, collaboration tools like MS Teams and Slack have seen meteoric rises in daily usage, and cloud infrastructure adoption has skyrocketed, just to name a few.

Of course, many things haven’t changed. Organizations continue to struggle handling disparate unstructured data sources, the volume of data continues to increase, and resources continue to be a challenge. Litigation won’t be going anywhere; in fact, the uptick is not shocking. With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt daily life, backlogs continue to grow and having capable technology is more important than ever.

Answering the Biggest Data Questions

Going back to the beginning of this blog series, I provided examples of questions I hear quite often. As a refresher, some of the questions included:

  • “Is there a way to create a reusable data repository for my most frequently litigated custodians and their privileged data?”
  • “What kind of sensitive data is there on my endpoints?”
  • “Can I combine multiple data types together using a single view?”
  • “How can I quickly respond to litigation, investigations, or governance, risk, and compliance requests?”

Nuix can not only address these business gaps, but it can uniquely go “beyond the box” and provide a level of power not available in any other tool. Our unstructured data solution gives users bulletproof methods to collect, process, explore, analyze, review, and export data from within their data ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking for a DFIR, eDiscovery, information security, or governance solution, chances are that you’ll need a way to deal with the following areas.

Collecting to the Cloud

Collecting data from your remote endpoints is important for many organizations but being able to stream to modern storage services like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob helps set the stage for effective downstream workflow. This is critical in the modern workplace where most employees may not be directly on the corporate firewall.

Dealing with Data Variety

When you’re ready to take the next step, you must be able to quickly consume various types of data, making it fully enriched and searchable, coupled with the ability to filter and cull hundreds of different ways. With growing volumes of data, being able to parse 1,000+ file types without any third-party APIs is instrumental.

Make it Intuitive

Next, you’ll need a simple, intuitive web interface where anyone (internal or external) can easily explore and analyze the data. Fully integrated analytics including advanced data visualizations and everyday analytics to find key facts and patterns more quickly make this entire process so much easier.

Produce with Confidence

Finally, document coding and exporting or producing the data helps round everything out. A complete solution should not only be built for the business of review but also helps mitigate risk by controlling who has access to what is a must.

Beyond the Box

When it's time to go ‘beyond the box,’ Nuix is up for the challenge. You may be thinking, “What exactly does this mean?” Well, take a few moments to think about how the below could be used in your organization:

  • "OCR” your voice data. Easy peasy! Nuix can integrate with our technology partner, Speechmatics, to overlay the text from transcribed files with the actual item and make it fully searchable.
  • Unstructured data warehouse. Need to search across large volumes of data and act? Nuix can integrate with open-source technology Elasticsearch to create a scalable, distributed, and resilient searchable index.
  • Let's get real ... time! Are you tired of dealing with data reactively? Nuix can hook into open-source technology like Apache Kafka are subscribe to topics for direct consumptions, making any of the data instantly searchable.
  • Stop your intellectual property from walking out the door. Detect, respond, and prevent insider threats as well as other malicious activities with Nuix Adaptive Security. This agent-based technology goes deeper than you could ever imagine!
  • Add context to your timelines. Forensic investigations and incident response have evolved, so why not keep up? With Nuix, you can build precise timelines and visually represent them with a graph database. If that’s not enough, you can even use open-source technology like Logstash to really enrich your log or tabular data.
  • Enterprise automation. Have you ever wished that you could dynamically spin up and down cloud instances and run Nuix on-demand? What about weaving Nuix in and out of your established workflow? With your open-source or commercial BPM, the Nuix SDK can be called to provide a truly automated, hands-off experience.

Look at that list again—it’s pretty impressive! You want to know the best part? That is an extremely short list. I could sit here and go on and on with other problems Nuix can solve, but you’d likely get tired of reading.

With Nuix, you can realize a whole new world of possibilities. Of course, with new possibilities come new challenges, but our software is always up for the task with its unique blend of simplicity, power, and precision. We are proud of the heritage that we’ve built and continue to maintain ... helping organizations find truth in a digital world, one document at a time.