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Our Technology


Put your messiest
data into Nuix – 
we’ll give you clarity

Nuix specializes in transforming massive amounts of messy data – from emails, social media, communications and other human-generated content – into actionable intelligence.

With Nuix investigative analytics and intelligence software, you can understand the context and connections in your data across billions of items – simultaneously and at speed. You can search it, filter it, visualize it, apply analytics to it and find the truth it holds.

The Nuix Engine

At the heart of our software is the Nuix Engine, a supercharged data processing platform. The Nuix Engine normalizes data: extracting it from sources at the binary level, the “ones and zeros,” and indexing, enriching and analyzing the distilled text and metadata. It is particularly effective at processing messy unstructured and human-generated data alongside structured and semi-structured sources.

The Nuix Engine uses patented parallel processing technologies to get to the heart of data with speed, scale and forensic accuracy. It addresses more than 1,000 data types and file formats across 10 dimensions: communications; databases; digital and mobile forensics; enterprise and cloud systems; human-generated content; log files; multimedia; network captures; real-time and social media feeds; and user and endpoint behavior.


invested in R&D since 2008


in Australia and the United States


and more than 100 others

Investigative analytics and intelligence software

  • Our suite of products uses the outputs of the Nuix Engine to provide insights and intelligence for customers across many different industries and use cases.
  • Using a wealth of visual, numerical, linguistic and predictive analytics – plus machine learning and artificial intelligence – you can automate and streamline investigative processes and identify patterns and correlations that no human could find.
  • Our extensive application programming interfaces allow you to automate workflows, integrate Nuix software into your applications and extend the capabilities of our platform to suit your needs.




The Nuix Engine extracts text and in-depth metadata from thousands of data types and file formats – far more than any competing technology.


Our patented parallel processing technology makes short work of whatever information you feed into it, no matter how little or how much you have.

Analytics and
machine learning

Nuix software extensively uses data visualization, predictive analytics and machine learning to reduce repetitive busy-work and find hidden connections.


The world’s most advanced data processing, search and review technology is exponentially more powerful using Elasticsearch as a back-end database. Nuix and Elasticsearch combined elevate you to the next level of speed, reliability and precision.



Expand your Elasticsearch cluster whenever you need across multiple machines or the cloud to improve its capacity, resilience and performance.


Start searching, analyzing and managing your data even while it is processing to make more informed strategic decisions.


Build and maintain a litigation-ready Nuix data warehouse to reduce the cost and rework of managing repeated litigation and regulatory response.