Nuix Knowledge Box

The Nuix Knowledge Box is a “behind-the-firewall” learning management system (LMS) set up and created for your organization by the Nuix team. This is suitable for corporate and government clients.

“Behind-the-firewall” refers to a self-contained platform that consists of course(s) that can run on your internal network without relying on internet access.

Mitigate security concerns

  • Safeguard your users and data from internet attacks and hacking

  • IT administrators can set up permissions management and workflows to ensure only authorized users can access the LMS

Improve usability

  • Select the courses and training materials that are most relevant to your business

  • Standardization of Nuix knowledge on the one platform

  • Build continuity with the user experience

Ease of administration

  • Admin function is available for all users

  • Access detailed reporting to inform usage and levels of engagement across the organization.

Our programs

Nuix Investigation and eDiscovery Knowledge Box

Nuix Investigation Knowledge Box

Nuix eDiscovery Knowledge Box


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