Exclusive: Inside the technology behind the Panama Papers scandal

The ‘Panama Papers’ scandal regarding leaked documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca exposing tax havens for world leaders and others is making headlines everywhere today.

The electronic discovery software that helped make those documents so valuable and understandable was provided by Australia-headquartered company Nuix. Read the full article to get an inside track on how the story unfolded.

Carl Barron

Senior Solutions Consultant

Carl is a Senior Solutions Consultant with Nuix, having joined the company in March 2012. He provides pre and post-sale consultancy, technical support and solution implementation. Carl brings a wide variety of knowledge in both hardware and software with an enthusiast approach to help customers improve workflows. Prior to joining Nuix, Carl worked as a Forensic Technician for a leading Litigation Support Vendor in London.


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