Five keys to preparing for a data breach

Security experts warn that all companies prepare for the inevitability of getting breached by knowing their enemy and their own ability to withstand attack

Data breaches are an unavoidable part of doing business today. The evolving threat landscape has forced many information security professionals to adjust their thinking from ‘if I get breached’ to ‘when I get breached’.

How well or badly your organisation ends up after a data breach will come down to how prepared you were with actionable, well-documented strategies and procedures. Here are five steps you can take before a breach occurs.

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Chris Pogue

Chris Pogue

Head of Services, Security and Partner Integration

Chris Pogue has more than 15 years’ experience and 2,000 breach investigations under his belt. Over his career, Chris has led multiple professional security services organizations and corporate security initiatives to investigate thousands of security breaches worldwide.

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