IDM Magazine - 5 Essential Ingredients for Information Governance

The information revolution and the advent of big data have made formalized records and information management (RIM) programs essential for enterprises. Enterprise data yields knowledge, and knowledge is valuable for organizations that need to make fact-based decisions quickly. The inherent value of data has prompted organizations to track information related transactions, build classification structures and conceive of behavioral principles relating to information. Not only do we now have specialized information managers, we are beginning to treat information as an asset in the same way that accountants track funds and physical items.

Read Brian Tuemmler’s article to learn 5 non-traditional ways to leverage information governance (IG).


Brian Tuemmler

Information Governance Program Architect

Brian Tuemmler joined Nuix in 2013 as Information Governance Program Architect helping IG practitioners and sponsors set up and manage enterprise governance programs through methodology, training, tools and software.

Brian has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry including speaking engagements and published articles for ARMA, AIIM and MER.


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